zodiac (3) signs that are going to have a bad end of the year 2020

The year 2020 is, according to astrologers, a year of transformation and upheaval. It has been a year marked by tragic events that have caused turmoil around the world. Between the new coronavirus and natural disasters, this year 2020 seems intense and has turned the lives of many people upside down. And some astrological signs seem to suffer as a result. Let’s find out what the stars are saying about 3 zodiac signs that are likely to have a bad end to 2020.

The stars are clear, the disastrous situation of the year 2020 will end in December or at least will get better by then. This could be explained by the fact that the constellation Capricorn would leave the earth signs to land in the air signs. We will thus see an energetic change.

In addition, Jupiter and Saturn will intersect, which will lead to great decisions inspired by creativity. The year 2020, however, will push humanity to mature, grow and become more responsible.

However, with all these reshuffles, 3 zodiac signs will not come out unscathed at the end of 2020 and will have a particularly stormy end to the year. Let’s find out without further ado.

– Cancer
Ultra sensitive, those born in Cancer are often overwhelmed by nostalgia for the past and never forget the moments of their early childhood. Sweet and affectionate, they are also intuitive and receptive. They have an imminent need to be surrounded, to be protected and secure, which makes them fragile and easily affected by the vagaries of life.

These sensitive zodiac only find their fulfillment in family values. Despite their generosity, most of the time they are moody, capricious and sometimes immature.

Romantic as they wish, they listen above all to their feelings and trust their hearts, like the natives of Scorpio and Pisces.

Difficulties arise in Cancer when they take all the problems in the world onto themselves, which is not good for their balance. With 2020 being particularly eventful on all sides, Cancerians will find it difficult to overcome the trials this year will bring them.

This year of excitement will shake them and they will have a hard time accepting the changes and upheavals that will take place. Constantly focused on the past, they will find it difficult to bet on the new and pursue recent goals. They will be tossed around and to be successful they will have to go with the flow at all costs and work really hard.

The end of 2020 will be marked by stagnation in their decisions. They will have a hard time dreaming big and achieving their goals. Especially since on a romantic level, they will see their relationship crumble and end, if they do not take the time to take stock of their history.

– lion
Ruled by the Sun, the natives of Leo have an intense need to be admired and worshiped. They are proud and determined and in no way steal their reputation as ‘have you seen me’: They want to be looked at and flattered.

Hedonists, they love the pleasures of life while being generous and passionate. Dominators, they are used to asserting themselves and being obeyed. However, they remain loyal, frank and whole and do not tolerate backbiting and meanness.

And despite their solid appearance in public, they are not armed to deal with low blows or the vagaries of life that lower their self-esteem.

The year 2020 imposes unexpected upheavals on the kings of the zodiac. Which upheavals will force them to often reinvent themselves to go up the slope but with a lot of stress. Often times, they will have a hard time getting the most out of these moves.

During this year, Leo’s with disproportionate egos will find it difficult to accept the changes imposed by life, for example. They will fail to show perseverance and coolness. This will make the end of this year particularly difficult and painful both financially and emotionally. Because nothing will go as planned and they will have to constantly reinvent themselves.

– Gemini
Airy and adaptable, Gemini natives are often connected with everything that has to do with the mind. Like Libra and Aquarius, they need some thought to move forward. Generally gifted at communication, it is sometimes difficult to follow their ideas which are coming from everywhere.

They want to discover everything and try everything and find it difficult to settle on any project. Gemini people often prefer to live in eternal youth and sport an adolescent charm, but their mental turmoil makes them particularly vulnerable in the face of difficulties.

The year 2020 promises to be particularly complicated for these natives of the zodiac. The reason for this is that they have to deal with setbacks especially in the financial field. Unpleasant surprises will arise and will force them to take solutions quickly.

The end of the year will be marked by setbacks and setbacks which will force them to disperse; they will feel like they are swimming against the tide at times. On the love side, their hearts will be closed and many updates will be made in the sentimental field.

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