Treat anxiety attacks without medication

It’s quite normal to feel anxious about a difficult situation, such as a fattening interview or an exam. But your fears become so intense that your heart is beating fast, heat waves run through your body, and you feel as if you’re choking, you’re probably in a fit of anxiety. Here are solutions to remedy it effectively.

Generally, people who have very often anxiety attacks go to see doctors who prescribe them psychotropic drugs, such as antidepressants and others. Although these medications manage to calm the seizures for a moment, they always end up happening again.
In addition, these medications can sometimes cause addictions and other side effects to your health. Because of this, you should know that anxiety attacks can be controlled without taking any of these medications.

Although anxiety attacks are unexpected situations in which one sometimes loses control of the body, there are several methods that can help you relax and end the anxiety attack in a short time. Make it known.

Here are the solutions to treat anxiety attacks:

1- The control of breathing:
The control of the breathing constitutes the very base of the treatment of the attacks of anxiety, it makes it possible to limit the crisis. On the other hand, if you can not control your breathing for any crisis, there is a good chance that the symptoms will get worse.
You can use the following technique to control your breathing. Start by sitting down and try to breathe quietly and deeply, inflating the belly with air, and then the chest. You can put your hands on your chest to make it easier to follow the movement. After a few moments, the crisis must have ended.

2- The pranayama:
Pranayama is a yoga technique that will regulate your breathing rate to help you relieve your anxiety attack. It is a technique developed by yoga teacher Gillian.B and based on nasal breathing. You can practice it as follows:

Begin by placing your thumb and ring finger with your right hand on your respective nostrils. Then, lift your thumb, while closing your left nostril with your ring finger and inhale through your right nostril. Then, close your right nostril with your thumb and exhale through your left nostril, then repeat the process several times.

3- Cold water on the eyelids:
Another technique to relieve panic attacks is to apply a trickle of cold water to the closed eyes. Do it also on the rest of the face. Cold hydrotherapy is a very simple and natural way to relax the body and prevent seizures.

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