Tomatoes, good in cooking and excellent for health

Is there one person on this planet who doesn’t like tomatoes? We doubt very much that there are any. The reason is very simple, if you do not like them because of their taste, you should appreciate them because of their rich nutritional intake.
Tomatoes contain many nutrients, including vitamins A and C, as well as vitamin B folic acid. They also contain lycopene, beta-carotene, lutein and ALA, which are beneficial antioxidants for our health.

Tomatoes are also rich in potassium, which makes them effective in controlling blood pressure levels. Potassium not only has vasodilatory effects, but can also help reduce the risk of early death by up to 20%.
With the blood pressure set, the heart can be healthy. Tomatoes contain not only potassium and vitamin C, but also choline and fiber, all of which contribute to the proper functioning of the heart. Adding tomatoes to your diet helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
In addition, tomatoes are also anti-carcinogenic, their high amounts of antioxidants, especially vitamin C, can stop the formation of cancer-causing free radicals.

Although there is no doubt about the benefits of tomatoes for human health, they can also be dangerous in some cases:

1- People with heart disease:
For those with heart disease who are taking beta blockers, eating potassium-rich foods may interfere with the medication. These people should eat tomatoes in moderation to avoid problems, such as kidney disease.
2- acidity problems:
Tomatoes are very acidic, so you can eat very few of them if you have gastroesophageal reflux. Too many tomatoes can lead to regurgitation and heartburn, although some people say they don’t have these problems.

3- Tomato leaves:
Tomatoes are generally safe, but be sure to avoid the leaves, especially in large quantities. They can cause poisoning, which can present symptoms such as headache, dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting and throat irritation. In severe cases, this can cause death, be very careful.

4- Opt for organic tomatoes:
The Environmental Working Group has released a list of products with the highest pesticide residues. According to the list, cherry tomatoes contain high levels of chemicals. For this reason, if you want to eat these tomatoes, you must opt ​​for those that are organic. This will allow you to avoid exposure to pesticides.
Please Note: Before eating tomatoes, be sure to wash them thoroughly with water. If possible, do not throw the seeds out, and instead add them to your tomato recipe as they are also very nutritious too.

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