Tips for shaving well

1- Prepare your skin before shaving:
If some may be tempted to skip this first step, the preparation of the skin is far from being superfluous when you want to shave in the rules of the art. Preparing your skin allows you to facilitate the passage of the blade and therefore, protects against small cuts.

Three steps necessary:

– 1st step: start by dispensing hot water on the face to open the pores of the skin. From time to time (two to three times a month), it is also advisable to exfoliate your skin to prevent the hairs from growing back under the skin. Product idea: Normal Skin Exfoliating Lotion from the Clinique brand;

– 2nd step: massage for a few seconds with a special oil such as Clarins Men shaving oil. This oil softens the hair and therefore effectively prevents razor burn;

– 3rd step: apply the shaving foam evenly. Foams or gels are found in all brands and at all prices. Some of these products are intended for a certain type of skin (normal, sensitive, etc.). Marionnaud Men Comfort Sensitive Skin shaving foam is intended for the most sensitive and reactive skin types.

2- Shave, good gestures:
Shaving is very aggressive for the skin but it is possible to avoid aggravating this proven fact by respecting a few basic rules.

In the first place, it is imperative to shave in the direction of the hair on pain of causing ingrown hairs or unsightly pimples. In addition, it is important that the razor blades are in good condition in order to achieve a perfect shave in one to two passes maximum. Making too many passes over one area of ​​the face is certainly the best way to irritate the skin.

Finally, rinse the face with warm water to remove the foam residue and then with cold water to tighten the pores.

3- After shave care:

The care to be carried out after shaving has a specific purpose: to calm the skin. It is therefore important not to choose an aftershave containing alcohol as it will further dry out the skin.

Two solutions are possible depending on your skin type:

1- dry skin will prefer moisturizing balms. Richer than a simple after shave, they soothe the skin. They should be applied using circular movements. There are very effective balms at the Nivéa brand but Avène also offers a quality balm, ideal to avoid feelings of tightness.

2- oily skin will rather opt for a lotion, to be applied by tapping the skin lightly. Marionnaud Men’s Soothing Aftershave Fluid by Marionnaud Men is a good example. Non-oily, it still allows the skin to regenerate. Those looking for a feeling of freshness will appreciate the Clarins Men after shave fluid. A real comfort after shaving.

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