The therapeutic benefits of hugs

The hug is the act of hugging another person, whether to express empathy or affection.
We almost always ignore it, but this simple gesture is a powerful weapon to fight against stress and overcome many negative emotions that appear day after day.
A good hug lasts at least 20 seconds and as far as possible, it must be done between two people who love each other or who trust each other.
Cuddling each day, several times a day, has therapeutic benefits that cause a strong feeling of well-being.

Here are some of the main benefits of hugs. After reading this, you will hug and you will cuddle every day.

1- Find the smile:
The most known effect of hugs is that they give joy. Yes ! Getting a hug from someone you love (lover, parent, friend …) is always a pleasure. This of course has the immediate effect of drawing a smile on your face.

2- Reduce stress:
Cuddling can be more effective than pharmaceutical drugs when it comes to reducing stress. When two people hold each other in the arms, they share their warmth and strength, resulting in endorphin production. We feel better almost immediately, and suddenly, we relax.

3- Fight against depression and depression:
A simple touch helps to remember that one is not alone, which helps to fight against feelings of sadness and depression. But it’s not just that! A hug also boosts the production of endorphins, oxytocin and dopamine, the hormones of well-being, which help us feel better about ourselves and regain self-confidence.

4- Reduce the risk of heart disease:
A daily dose of hug helps protect the heart by controlling heart rate and blood flow.
Cuddling increases oxygenation of the blood and allows the muscle to have normal activity.
People who do not cuddle or who do not have physical contact with others, have a high risk of suffering from heart disease related to an accelerated pace.

5- Strengthen the immune defenses:
Oxytocin is released in adequate amounts and there is a lower risk of suffering from infections or diseases related to the immune system.
This is because it increases the presence of antibodies to make the fight against viruses and bacteria more effective.

6- Provide a sense of protection:
It’s not because we are physically strong that we do not need to hug. Even a big guy can sometimes feel fragile. Cuddling can then play the role of armor by allowing us to feel protected.
This protection is of course not physical, but it is a feeling of inner strength against anything that could hurt us. We feel then a real sense of security, which helps us better face the daily life.

7- Check the blood pressure:
Contact with other people through a hug lowers blood pressure through the activation of receptors called corpuscles, which are in the skin and send signals through the nerves.
As a result, the body feels more protected, the heart rate is regulated and the blood pressure drops back to stable levels.
Do you give or receive a daily dose of hugs? They cost nothing and are a great way to make life more enjoyable.

Do not be afraid to enjoy it: cuddle and cuddle with the people you love and love.

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