The many uses you can make of orange peel

Orange is a well-known fruit, widely available and available during all the different seasons of the year. Its pulp as well as its juice are not only delicious, but they also contain nutritional values ​​beneficial for the body.

Orange is particularly rich in vitamin C, but it also contains many antioxidant compounds that can have preventive effects against several health problems, including certain types of cancer. Thus, orange can be beneficial if consuming, but it can also be useful outside consumption, especially with the use of its zests.

For this, you must learn how to properly remove the lemon zest. So put your fruit in the fridge for an hour before extracting the zests. Use a rasp or a peeler with which you extract the skin of citrus in ribbons or spirals, without pressing too much on it to avoid touching the pulp.

1- Natural deodorant:
You can use orange zest as a natural deodorant in clothing or shoe drawers. Just put the dried zests in a muslin bag and place them where you want a good smell of oranges.

2- Body scrub:
Using coconut oil and raw sugar as a basic ingredient, you can add the zest of your orange, obtained using a grater-zest or cheese, for a complete body scrub. It is ideal for exfoliating and rejuvenating the skin.

3- Dental bleaching:
It is also said about orange peel, that if you rub it on the teeth, it can help remove yellowish tartar and whiten teeth.

4- Insect repellent:
The orange peel contains an essential oil, which spreads on the skin when you rub the orange peel on it. This oil can act as a natural insect repellent.

5- Cleaner:
Rub the orange peel on kitchen stains to remove grease from your plan and cooktop. Plus, you can brew orange zest into vinegar and use it as a natural cleaning agent for your home.

6- Mask:
Mix two tablespoons of orange peel powder with honey until it forms a paste. Apply this paste on your face, it can help against some skin problems.

7- Elimination of bad smells:
Place the orange zests in your garbage bin or under the garbage bag. Orange peels can inhibit odors.

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