The main health benefits of safflower oil

In ancient times, Egyptians used safflower to color their clothes. Today, safflower and oil are used as replacement spices for saffron, in varnishes and paints, and as a substitute for linseed oil as a hair conditioner.

If you use safflower oil for cooking, you’d be happy to know that this oil has many proven benefits. In fact, it has medicinal properties that have been discovered since the Middle Ages.

The juice of the plant has been mixed with sugar water or chicken broth to relieve constipation and respiratory problems. Traditional Chinese medicine has also used safflower petals to treat fractures, reduce phlegm and improve blood circulation.
Today, research shows that safflower oil can provide many benefits to our health, which we list in the second part of this article.

1- The oil can help reduce the risk of heart disease through the effective prevention of atherosclerosis, which is a disease that causes hardening of the arteries.
2- Safflower oil can also help reduce skin imperfections, including whiteheads, blackheads and acne. It is believed that he can totally eliminate these facial problems.
3- For those who have joint and muscle pain, even those resulting from a traumatic injury or arthritis, a massage that oil on the affected area can relieve what they feel like pain.
4- Women who continue to experience menstrual cramps can get relief with safflower oil. It is an effective remedy because it promotes blood flow and can even eliminate blood clots.

Safflower oil is indeed beneficial for our health. Keep in mind however that using safflower oil for cooking can lead to overheating, which means destroying its compounds that could be beneficial to our health.
What’s even worse is that high heat can create free radicals that are dangerous for us because they can damage the molecules in our body.

Compared to canola, corn, sesame and olive oil, safflower has a greater heat tolerance, making it a good type of cooking oil. Coconut oil, however, is still the best choice for cooking because it is stable and can withstand higher heat better than other oils.

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