The health benefits of the cherry from Jamaica

The health benefits of Muntingia calabura or Jamaica cherry are associated with the various nutrients it contains. Among other things, it contains vitamins C, anti-inflammatories, antibacterials and various other essential nutrients. But the benefits are not limited to the consumption of the fruit, but you can also make tea from the leaves, and enjoy the same benefits.

Here are the health benefits of the cherry from Jamaica:
1- Reduction of pain:

As already mentioned, one can make an infusion of tea from the leaves of the cherry tree of Jamaica. It can help reduce pain because it blocks the action of the pain receptor. This makes it a good antinociceptive agent similar to opiates.

2- Lowers the blood pressure:

Tea made from Jamaican cherry leaves also helps lower blood pressure because of the nitric oxide content that relaxes the blood vessels. This improves blood flow, thus preventing blood pressure.

3- Cancer prevention:

Like many natural anti-cancer solutions, they still lack concrete studies confirming the anticancer effects of Jamaican cherry. Nevertheless, it is clear that all natural journals agree on the leaves of this tree as having properties that act to reduce and prevent tumor growth cancer.

4- Elimination of bacteria:

Jamaican cherry contains many potent antibacterial compounds, making it a new source of antibacterial agents, good for treating Staphylococcal infections, S. Epidemidis, P. vulgaris, K. Rhizophil, C. Diptheriae and others dangerous bacteria. This is especially important when we have so many bacteria resistant to antibiotics.

5- Treatment of gout:

Gout is a painful condition caused by poor nutrition and inadequate hydration. Now, although the fruit can not cure gout, it mainly helps to calm the pain, which is even the hardest part of the disease.

6- A good source of vitamin C:

The fruit contains a good amount of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that helps fight against diseases such as colds, flu, and even cardiovascular problems. Vitamin C also helps to improve the immune system, prevent eye diseases, prevent skin wrinkles, and many other conditions.

7- Richness in vitamins and minerals:

Other than vitamin C, Jamaican cherry contains many other vitamins and minerals such as carbohydrates, proteins, calcium, phosphorus and iron. These elements help promote strong bones, improve blood circulation, and help improve your mood and vitality.

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