The health benefits of parsley

Our ancestors knew well to take advantage of all the advantages offered by the parsley, in particular the therapeutic ones. Indeed, parsley has a multitude of essential components, including vitamins, minerals that contribute favorably to the improvement of health. Here are some of his contributions on health.

1- Bone health:

Indeed, bone problems such as weakness or fracture are linked to vitamin K deficiency. Yet parsley is a very good source of this vitamin. This means that adding this spice regularly to your diet will keep your bones healthy. Parsley acts as a modifier of bone matrix proteins.
In addition, parsley also improves the absorption of calcium, another bone health-critical compound, as well as phosphorus, vitamin C, or B-complex vitamins. Start by adding parsley to your dishes, your fish, your vegetables and natural juices.

2- Regulates blood sugar level:

Parsley can also help regulate blood sugar levels. This thanks to a very special type of flavonoids called myricetin. In addition to regulating blood sugar levels, myricetin also decreases insulin resistance. This makes parsley essential for diabetics.

3- Weight loss:

Parsley is much more than an aromatic plant that enhances the flavor of our meals. Thanks to its components such as lysine and its essential amino acids such as apiol, parsley is highly recommended for weight loss. In addition, it reduces cholesterol and offers many vitamins and minerals such as iron to our body.

4- Kidney health:
One of the main advantages of parsley is that it is diuretic, that is to say it stimulates the renal function to rid the body of cumbersome toxins. However, if you already have kidney stones, daily consumption of parsley is discouraged because of its oxalic acid content.

5- Strengthening of the immune system:

It’s the foundation of our health, the immune system fights bad bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. Thanks to its vitamin content, especially its vitamin C content, parsley is an excellent booster of the immune system.

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