The great healing powers of Nigel

According to two studies conducted in China and Saudi Arabia in 2011, which examined the literature around the use of oil as a cancer treatment, black cumin seed oil was used as a cure for cancer. natural cancer for millennia. The oil and its extract have also been used against cardiovascular disease, diabetes, asthma, kidney disease and more.

Scientists have also noted that the mechanism behind the anticancer properties of black cumin oil is not understood. Some believe that all this is due to the antioxidant effects of thymoquinone and its ability to strengthen the immune system, but this claim has not been supported by scientific evidence.
Studies have shown that oil induces apoptosis in cancer cells, which means it controls cell survival throughout the body. And although this oil has been used for millennia, since the Pharaonic and Babylonian era, modern medicine has only learned for a few decades.
Discover, in the rest of this article, amazing truths about this natural product denigrated and fought by the WHO and the pharmaceutical industry.

Here are the astonishing results of the researches carried out on the nigelle and its curative capacities and which you necessarily ignore:
1- Black seeds inhibit uncontrolled cell growth and kill cancer cells in the liver.
2- Black cumin seed oil removes cancer cells from the lung.

3- The seeds of black cumin kill the cancerous cells of the brain:
A study from Ohio State University in 2013 suggested that glioblastoma is the most aggressive type of brain tumor in humans. Scientists said it is necessary to develop additional therapies to cure glioblastoma, and the study focused on thymoquinone because of its powerful anti-cancer properties. Thymoquinone targets cancer cells specifically without harming healthy cells.
The study also examined how thymoquinone inhibits cancer cells in the brain and spinal cord and limits their repetition without affecting normal cell activity in the brain.
Black cumin seed extract also inhibits autophagy in cancer cells that naturally allows them to grow continuously by maintaining their cellular energy production, so when it breaks, the cancer cells are no longer able to grow. This shows that thymoquinone and black cumin seed oil are indeed a potential natural cure for cancer.

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