The benefits and harms of potatoes

Like every food, the potato provides virtues and can, under certain conditions, cause some problems. By reading this article, you will discover more closely the benefits and harms of the potato.

Potatoes are rich in carbohydrates, proteins, fibers, vitamins (B6, C) and minerals (potassium, manganese) with 0% fat! The nutritional profile of potatoes can vary depending on the type. For example, red potatoes contain fewer calories, carbohydrates and fiber than Russet potatoes, as well as slightly more vitamin K and niacin.
The nutrients found in potatoes are concentrated in the skin. This means that peeling the potato can eliminate a significant portion of the fiber and mineral content in each serving. In addition, the potato is rich in antioxidants. These are substances that prevent the formation of harmful free radicals. Studies show that antioxidants can prevent certain types of chronic disease, such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.
On the other hand, potatoes are a good source of resistant starch. This has been linked to many health benefits, such as regulating blood sugar levels.

Potatoes promote the feeling of satiety:
One study created a satiety index for common foods by giving participants various foods and obtaining a satiety score for each. Boiled potatoes had the highest satiety index and were considered to be seven times healthier than croissants, which had the lowest satiety index score.
The skins of potatoes are rich in fibers which move slowly through the body without digesting, promoting satiety.

Potatoes: Causes of overweight?
Some studies have found a link between eating certain types of potatoes and gaining weight. A 2009 study followed 42,696 participants over a five-year period. He found that eating potatoes was associated with an increase in waist circumference in women.
Some processed potato products like chips and fries contain more calories and fat than boiled, steamed, or roasted potatoes.

Frequent consumption of potatoes could increase blood pressure:
Some studies have shown that excessive consumption of potatoes is associated with high blood pressure. One study looked at the results of three large studies that followed more than 187,000 participants over a 20-year period. Researchers have found that eating cooked and boiled potatoes, as well as processed potato products like French fries, increase the risk of high blood pressure.
This may be due to its glycemic index which increases your blood sugar. Studies show that a high blood sugar diet may be linked to high blood pressure.

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