Sugar detox cure in three days

There is almost nothing as dangerous as high blood sugar, which is commonly called hyperglycemia. It is directly linked to diabetes, but also to other equally serious diseases, such as heart disease, kidney disease, stroke. For this reason, it is recommended to limit your consumption of sugar and always control your blood sugar. If you ever have high blood sugar, you should take all necessary steps to bring it back to normal.

Few health professionals will admit the true identity of sugar and its harmful influence on the human body, which makes it the most dangerous food component. A clear answer is essential: Sugar deteriorates health much more than fat, moreover sugar is not essential for the organism.

To put it simply, lipids (fat) are used by the body to build up your cell membranes, since they serve as an energy reserve. Your brain, for example, is 60% fat. The elements provided by fat cannot be built by the body, so it is an essential macronutrient. If you don’t eat enough or poor quality, your health deteriorates.
As for Carbohydrates (sugar), they are not essential. It’s a source of energy, but you can live with 0 carbohydrates. Where carbs are unbeatable, it is like fuel for strenuous activity. But if you’re inactive, you’re not going to use them, so over time your body stores them as fat.
Sugar can lead to all types of chronic and life-threatening health problems, such as diabetes and heart disease, skin problems, but most importantly, weight gain.

If you have high blood sugar levels, Dr. Blum offers a detoxification treatment with great results in three days:
Dr. M. Blum thinks that not only do people at risk for diabetes stop sugar, but he also urges any health-conscious person to reduce their sugar intake. According to him, chronic fatigue and stiff muscles can be a sign of stopping or reducing sugar consumption.
There are many different ways to reduce sugar intake, but Dr. Blum recommends a specific three-day detoxification method for its simplicity and effectiveness. This happens as follows.

For three days, you should not eat foods with more than 15 grams of sugar per serving. This means avoiding obvious sources of sugar, such as soda, alcohol, baked goods and ice cream. But that also includes the surprising sugar bombs, like most yogurts, fruit juices, wheat bread and even acai berries.
To help you overcome your craving for sugar, Dr. Blum recommends replacing sugar with foods high in healthy fats. “Think of avocado, nuts, healthy animal protein, which are all good for you,” says Dr. Blum.
It warns of the harsh feelings of withdrawal that you will experience during your detoxification period. “It takes a little while for you to learn to live a quiet life without sugar. I think of a patient who said to me, “I cried for three days.”
“Okay, we’re exaggerating. But so many people swear they feel ridiculously good afterwards. Why ? If it’s really sugar that causes fatigue, mood swings, etc., you should start to feel better after detoxification, “says Dr. Blum.

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