Some plants that affect the flow of personal energy

Feng Shui is the harmony between man and his environment he starts from the idea that the world of living beings is in constant relation with his physical environment – natural or created – and that this environment influences deeply in a favorable way or unfavorable the existence and destiny of those who live there. Feng Shui is used to eliminate blockages or obstacles to the free flow of energy and thus to harmonize as much as we could call the adjustment of men or their habitats with their environments.

According to the principles of feng shui, plants, like all organic and inorganic beings, have energy. Which is confirmed by science. A study conducted by NASA on the air we breathe, has shown that plants can effectively purify the air of toxins such as formaldehyde, which seep into the air through synthetic materials found in furniture. But, only a few plants actually own this property. We present a few below.

1- Spathiphyllum (peace lily):
Just the name “peace lily” is enough to generate good vibrations. According to David Wolfe, spathiphyllum can help purify the air and neutralize harmful gases. The plant grows well in dark, shady areas and also offers a nice life in a room or home office.

2- Palm tree (indoor):
As evidenced by the followers of feng shui, palm trees are remarkable plants by their impressive size. The indoor variety is particularly notable for its ability to remove xylene and formaldehyde from the air.

3- Rosemary:
This good energy plant doubles as a culinary herb. Not only does it taste great with grilled vegetables, but it also purifies the air of harmful toxins. David Wolfe says the inhalation of rosemary is also known to improve memory, treat insomnia and relieve spirits.

4- Orchid:
With their stalks and vibrant petals, orchids are among the most elegant flowers. They are beautiful and functional. According to David Wolfe, orchids release oxygen in the night. What makes their best location is in the room, where you can enjoy the fresh oxygen of the flowers.

5- Lucky Bamboo (or lucky bamboo):
We can not talk about feng shui without talking about bamboo. The Lucky Bamboo plant has long been a symbol of good fortune and prosperity in many Asian cultures. Its shape is reminiscent of our energy and vitality.
David Wolfe says that Lucky Bamboo is an excellent plant because it requires little maintenance and does not require much sun. To keep the plant alive, simply place the reeds in a glass bowl with 1 inch of water.

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