Smoking, a bad habit that can cost your life

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), tobacco smoke contains a deadly mixture of more than 7,000 chemicals; hundreds of them are harmful and about 70 can cause cancer. Smoking increases the risk of serious health problems and even death.

Nicotine in any form is a highly addictive substance found in tobacco. According to statistics, there are more people addicted to nicotine than any other drug than any other consumer product that can be addictive.
The difficulties faced by smokers in ending their tobacco addiction vary from certain individuals to others. For some, it can be very easy, especially when the person is a novice, on the other hand those who have smoked for several years will find it very difficult to stop. However, anyone can quit smoking by adopting the right methods to remove nicotine from their body.

1- Get enough hydration:
Pure water is without a doubt the most powerful way to remove toxins from the body. Water also has properties that can reduce cravings for nicotine. Consuming at least half a gallon of water a day is not only effective in removing toxins, it also provides the body with enough energy.
A good way to stay hydrated is to buy a large bottle of water and keep it always full. Bring it with you wherever you are. Whenever you want a cigar, take a sip of water and resist the urge.
2- Change your diet:
A diet rich in fruits and vegetables can help the body get rid of nicotine toxins. In addition, consuming lots of fruits and vegetables can prevent the weight gain that often occurs after you quit smoking.

Broccoli and spinach are both “superfoods” (nutrient-rich foods) rich in folic acid and vitamins C and B5. The former is exhausted from the use of nicotine, and replenishing this vital nutrient can stave off cravings. The latter strengthens the immune system, contributing to the detoxification process.

3- Exercises:
Get your body moving. Do something that requires physical exertion, for at least 30 minutes a day, which requires physical exertion.
Exercise causes the body to detoxify more quickly. In addition, physical activity helps some people cope with the stress and agitation that often accompanies someone trying to quit smoking. Finally, exercise serves as a great alternative when experiencing nicotine cravings.

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