Rice cooking water, an extremely useful ingredient

If you know the many uses you can make of rice cooking water and all the many benefits you can get from it, you will not make the mistake of pouring this liquid. So don’t worry, we’re here to highlight all the benefits you will get from storing this water.
Simply put, rice cooking water is the white milky solution you get after soaking or boiling rice. It can be concentrated, diluted or even fermented to bring out most of its benefits.

Rice cooking water contains nutrients, vitamins B, C and E as well as minerals and eight essential amino acids that promote overall health. It can be useful in the case of health problems such as nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.
In addition, rice cooking water can be a real beauty ally. In the majority of Asian products, it is used mainly as a base for skin and hair care. But that’s not all, rice cooking water can have several uses, which we will let you discover in the rest of the article.

1- Good digestion:
As explained above, rice cooking water is rich in essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Which makes it an infallible asset in case of gastroenteritis or diarrhea. In addition, it has a high fiber and starch content which facilitates digestion and ensures the proper functioning of transit and rehydration.

2- An effective anti-inflammatory:
Rice cooking water also contains para-amino-benzoic, a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that protects cell membranes from atmospheric pollutants and promotes their fluidity. It is recommended to drink three glasses of rice water per week at each change of season to ensure your well-being.

3- Natural anti-aging:
Inositol, vitamin B7 contained in rice cooking water are necessary for energy production, metabolic activity, the proper functioning of the nervous system, the health of the skin, hair and eyes. In addition, these compounds have the ability to slow cell aging.

4- Silky hair:
Rice cooking water is mainly used in Asia for beauty treatments. It is rich in starch which brings shine and shine to the hair, strengthens the hair bulb and tames frizz.
If you want to use it as a mask, just apply it on the lengths and leave on for a few minutes before rinsing off with clean water. You will get straight hair, frizz-free and easier to comb.

5- Glowing skin of beauty:
Rice powder has been used for thousands of years to conceal blemishes, prevent the skin from shining, and protect it from the sun. Rice cooking water can also have the same effects.
Its high content of antioxidants and inositol makes it an effective firming and anti-aging skin care. If you apply it on your face as a lotion or mask, it will bring radiance and softness to your skin.

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