Prerequisites for growing tomatoes

In order for your tomato plants to flourish and produce enough fruit, there are several factors to consider, especially the spacing. They should be planted three meters apart each from the next. When the plants are too close to each other, they give less fruit.

After spacing, the size and depth of the holes should also be taken into consideration. It will be necessary to dig fairly deep holes which can contain all the additions necessary for the flowering of the plant. For this, the exact depth depends on the size of the seedling.
The plant should be completely submerged in the soil and the additions in the hole should also be covered with a little soil. It will therefore be necessary to take all of its elements to plan the depth of your hole. Once all its conditions are met, it only remains to go to the planting stage.

We have already mentioned in the previous lines, our method of planting tomatoes, uses special ingredients like fish heads. Some might be worried about this idea, thinking that dogs or other animals will try to dig them up and destroy the plants. Rest assured, we have been planting our tomatoes in this way for several years, and so far no animal has attacked our plants to dig up the heads of fish.
In addition to the fish heads, must be the first additions to be put into the ground, so they will be deep. Thus, they are not likely to attract the attention of animals. For info, the fish heads can also be replaced by fish ribs, tripe, shrimp, crabs or lobster shells.
However, if you are reluctant to use these animal remains, we recommend using fishmeal as a substitute. Two handles may be sufficient for a plant.

– Use eggshells and aspirin:
After placing the fish head or one of its substitutes, the next things to put in the hole are the aspirin tablets and chicken eggshells. Aspirin helps boost the plant’s immune system, and eggshells provide a good supply of calcium, which will help prevent flower rot.
Then you will also need to put a handful of bone meal. It is a great source of organic phosphorus, essential for flower production. If plants produce more flowers, they will also produce more fruit. More flowers, more fruit. Bone meal also increases the availability of calcium for tomatoes.

Also, don’t forget to add two handfuls of tomato fertilizer. It is an all-purpose organic fertilizer that contains the essential macronutrients of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.
At this moment, the hole is finally ready to accommodate the tomatoes. You must cut the small lower leaves to leave only the larger ones. Then remove the plant from the pot and place it in the hole. Once the tomato is in the hole, it will be necessary to check the depth.
If the hole is too deep, add a little soil. Otherwise, you must not remove the additions put in the hole. Try to dig a little deeper. When adequate depth, add soil to cover the plant. However, avoid putting pressure on it. The roots need oxygen inside the hole as much as they need nutrients and water.

– The finalization phase:
A temporary well is then designed around the base of the plant to contain the first watering. The first watering is very important. Water the plant once, twice, at least three times on the first day. Wait a few minutes between each watering to allow the water to drain.
If you have a deep hole, you will be amazed at the amount of water it will take to wet the root underground. So get your plants enough water on the first day.

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