Powerful and fast Japanese method to relieve stress

This technique is based on an oriental art known as Jin shin jyutsu: The art of revitalizing and harmonizing the body, the emotions and the mind by touch (the art of happiness). Stemming from acupressure, a simple practice to boost the immune system and reduce stress, this Japanese method involves applying firm pressure to each finger.

Before explaining how to perform this Japanese method, it is important to remember that every part of the human body, including the hands, has energetic zones connected to one or more organs and emotions. In the event of stress, the energy flow does not circulate freely between these energy points, which leads to aches, pains and even illnesses.

How it works ?
It’s simple, just press the tip of each finger for about 3 minutes. And it is best to start with the right hand before moving on to the left hand.

What organ and what emotion do our fingers correspond to?
Here are the details of the connections that exist between the fingers and the different organs and emotions.

1- The thumb:
The organs linked to the thumb are the spleen and the stomach. The emotions are depression, anxiety and worry. If you have skin problems, headaches, and abdominal pain, put firm pressure on your thumb.
2- The index:
The index finger is connected directly to the bladder and kidneys. As for emotions, this finger is linked to confusion and fear. Symptoms of imbalance are manifested by digestive problems and muscle pain.

3- The middle finger:
The vesicle and the liver are the two organs linked to the middle finger. The latter is related to irritability and anger. Apply firm pressure on the middle finger when you suffer from fatigue, menstrual pain or headaches.
4- The ring finger:
This finger is linked to the colon and the lungs. The emotions that you can handle by pressing this finger are pessimism and sadness. If you have poor digestion or breathing problems, press the ring finger for a few minutes to relieve symptoms.
5- The little finger:
The little finger is closely related to the small intestine and the heart. Bad mood and fatigue are the two main emotions referring to this little finger. Press this finger when you are tired, have bone problems, or are in a bad mood.

– Discover 2 other Japanese techniques to relieve stress:

1- Reiki:
Reiki is a technique for channeling positive energy into the body through the 7 centers of consciousness and energy known as chakras. Originally from Asia, reiki helps reduce stress and release negative energies that damage the body, helping to restore well-being of body and mind.
To fully enjoy the benefits of reiki, consult a reiki expert or master. A 45-minute or an hour session is usually enough to feel the first effects of reiki.

2- The Shinrin-Yoku:
Shinrin-Yoku or “forest bathing” is one of the most beneficial techniques for the body and the mind. It consists of walking in a natural environment and using all of your senses!

How to make Shinrin-Yoku?
It couldn’t be simpler or more practical! For starters, don’t think about your problems or your work and get rid of your Smartphone or any other electronic device. It is true that living in the city can make your task a little difficult, but just choose a green space, a park or a natural environment or a forest a little far from the city.
The essential of this technique is to walk while being in contact with nature … touch the trees, feel the wind caress your face, breathe the smell of grass and fresh air, contemplate the sky and the landscapes while listening to the gentle and peaceful song of birds.

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