Papaya leaves to treat dengue

Crazy is a deadly viral disease transmitted by the Aedes mosquito. Symptoms, which include headache, extreme lethargy, high fever, and severe muscle and joint pain, appear within five to seven days of being bitten.

Although there is no drug treatment for the disease, a popular natural remedy for dengue is the juice of papaya leaves.
Many people report a significant improvement in the symptoms of dengue by drinking the juice of the papaya leaves and several studies have been done by scientists as to the effectiveness of this natural treatment.

A study by a Sri Lankan doctor followed 12 patients diagnosed with dengue. They were given a 5 mL dose of papaya leaf extract, obtained by grinding fresh papaya leaves, at eight hour intervals.
Subsequently, the day after the first administration of treatment, the 12 patients with dengue fever had elevated white blood cell and platelet counts, many of which significantly.

Treatment with papaya leaf juice:

Papaya leaf juice can help treat these different symptoms. And to make papaya leaf juice, you must first collect the fresh papaya leaves. The young leaves found at the bottom of the tree are most ideal for this recipe.
Make sure you get the leaves of a papaya plant that is still bearing fruit. When you have the leaves, wash them and remove those that are not completely green.

If you have a juicer, this is easy for you. Just place the leaves in your juicer and activate the process. Meanwhile, if you don’t have the equipment, mash the leaves and squeeze out the juice. Drink this juice twice a day or every six hours on an empty stomach.

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