Onion, an ingredient with multiple benefits

Used in cooking and food preparation, onion is an excellent ingredient which, in addition to the taste it gives to food, brings a significant number of benefits to the body. However, the onion is not only useful for making dishes, it can also be useful in several situations that you have not previously known about.
Used to make delicious meals, onion is a very useful ingredient for human health and well-being. With cleansing properties, the onion stimulates the digestive tract, promotes the secretion of sweat and the elimination of toxins.
Apart from cooking, the onion is no less useful, it has been used for hundreds of years by traditional medicine in the prevention and treatment of many health problems. It is therefore a useful ingredient that it is best to have next to you.
However, the benefits of onion are not limited to cooking and treating illnesses either. It can be used to accomplish several other previously unsuspected tasks.

1- Remove carbon deposits from pots, pans and grills:
To get rid of the dirt that has piled up on your kitchen utensils, take a piece of onion, cut it up and rub the utensils with it. Then rinse them off with water and dishwashing detergent. The onion neutralizes the smell of “burnt” and cleans the surface.

2- Remove sweat stains from clothing:
Apply onion juice to sweat stains on your clothes, and let it sit for a long time. Then wash them as you normally do. You will be pleasantly surprised by the disappearance of the yellowing spots.

3- Allow to hunt insects:
Onions are a powerful tool against mosquitoes, ants and other insects. Pour into a bowl of water, throw in onion rings and place the bowl next to you. The insects will stay away from this place.

4- Relieve insect bites:
Due to its antibacterial properties, onion helps with insect bites. It helps relieve irritation and inflammation on the surface of the skin.

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