natural tips to safely eradicate your hair

If there is one thing that is certain about hairs, it is that women hate them. However, if for some, the hairs are reduced enough, for others they are even more abundant. The latter go so far as to consider them a disease, which is not necessarily the case.

Having a lot of hair on your arms or legs is not always a hormone problem. It is more of a genetic problem or can be racial. So you have no reason to panic if this is your case.

We can only talk about hyper-hairiness or dysregulation in women if the hairs appear in certain quantity on the areas usually reserved for men, such as the face, chest, back … This can actually signal a high rate of androgens and require medical attention.

1- Lemon:
The use of lemon as a cosmetic ingredient dates back several light years, it can also be used to slow hair regrowth. After the usual epilation, pass a lemon slice on the depilated area, this will make your hairs thinner and rarer.

2- Hair removal with oriental wax:
Unlike the chemical and irritant wax commonly used, oriental wax is made from natural products that are excellent for the skin, namely sugar, honey and lemon. Honey nourishes and softens the skin, lemon helps whiten and soften it, and sugar is an excellent exfoliant. Hair removal with oriental wax makes your hair thinner and your skin softer. And the result can last up to 3 weeks or even a month.

3- Turmeric:
We already know the beneficial powers of turmeric, a spice with many virtues. In addition to its anti-inflammatory and soothing power for the skin, turmeric also helps slow hair growth. You just need to mix 2 spoons of turmeric with a plain yogurt without sugar, then apply this mixture on the skin just after depilation. Your hair will become increasingly rare and your hair removal will become more spaced.

4- Fresh milk:
Milk is hydrating, nourishing, softening and soothing. And in addition, it has a strong whitening power. Your skin can only love it. Make it a habit to massage your skin with fresh organic milk, which is one of the best ways to combat hair regrowth.

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