Natural tip to keep aphids away naturally

In the spring, it is not uncommon for aphid colonies to invade your plantations, including roses. By pricking the plants to absorb the sap, they will weaken the roses and slow their growth and flowering. They should be eliminated.

If aphids have not yet invaded your roses, this does not dispense you from prevention: for example to make aphids fly from your roses, plant lavender feet at the end of the massif or among your roses. Planting nasturtiums or marigolds will also be repulsive.

You can also welcome ladybugs on your rose bushes, natural predators of aphids.

Here is an effective insecticide against aphids but also against mealybugs, thrips, red spiders … You can use it on trees, shrubs and flowers since it is, despite everything, sweet.

1- Mix in 1 liter of hot water 3 tablespoons of liquid black soap (or 1.5 tablespoons if it is paste). Choose preferably a brand labeled Ecocert.

2- Once the soap is well dissolved, allow to cool, then pour in a sprayer.

3- Spray on the plant attacked by aphids, taking care to also do the underside of the leaves.

Do the treatment in the morning or in the evening, out of the sun and rain, and renew after 48 hours if necessary.

If the attack of aphids is very important, it is possible to make a new spray again 1 week later.

Works very well against aphids on roses, tomatoes and other garden plants.

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