Natural remedies for regular blood pressure drops

Whether transient or chronic, the drop in blood pressure can be treated with natural remedies. So, we present to you a list of foods and herbal medicines that you can use if you regularly suffer from this condition.

Measures to take if you have regular blood pressure drops:
– One of the first measures to follow is to take showers regularly, alternating between cold and hot water. Then, consider wearing compression stockings in case of pronounced varicose veins.
– Eat balanced: You should not skimp on salt (not too much anyway), on the other hand you are encouraged to drink 2 to 3L of liquid per day. By liquid, this is mineral water which is rich in sodium, coffee, herbal or fruit herbal teas, fruit juice (grapefruit, rosemary, black tea, licorice, sage …)
– In addition you can also pour 2 drops of peppermint essential oil under the tongue, twice a day. The balancing property of this oil will stimulate your entire body and mind. In addition, practice regular physical activity (cycling, hiking, gymnastics, swimming).

In addition to these measures, you can use the following natural remedies:

1- Pure licorice:
One of the best foods to increase blood pressure is licorice. Its consumption can relax even hypertensive people. You can consume it plain, in the form of sticks, in tablets or in infusion. Avoid, however, candies that say they contain licorice.
2- Ginger:
Ginger is a remarkable root that naturally stimulates energy, accelerates metabolism and activates the body in every way. You can consume it raw, grated in a dish, in infusion, in juice and in smoothies or powder. Its taste is slightly spicy.

3- The infusion of rosemary and honey:
The health benefits of honey are known to all. Mixed with rosemary, it can also help treat low blood pressure. Prepare a well-concentrated infusion of fresh or dry rosemary leaves, and sweeten with bee honey, which can be of a dark variety.

4- Ear massage:
In the ear is our whole organism, as if we had a fetus in the womb of its drawn mother, with the head down, just on the area of ​​the lobe. Massaging this organ can also activate the organism and prevent a drop in blood pressure. So massage this area of ​​the ear with your hands up and down.

5- Pollen:
Pollen is a super food from bees that can be taken every day, using a small spoonful, to gradually increase blood pressure. You can mix it with a little yogurt, juice etc.

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