Natural and safe cleaner for your bathroom

The rooms most often require great efforts to invest and a lot of time to devote, not to mention the household products to buy. Far from television, internet or paper-based advertising, the most reliable option for a bacteria-free and dust-free home is exclusively Natural.

Most commercial cleaning and household products are particularly effective in ensuring a shine in all corners of your house, however, the problem still lies in their chemical-toxic composition of which the human respiratory system is the first and potential victim.
Limestone is the # 1 enemy of our bathrooms. There is a tendency to use expensive and ineffective anti-limescale when the solution is in the kitchen.
In this chemical composition of commercial household products, you must pay attention to chlorine, a product particularly harmful to your lungs and which is paradoxically present in almost all of the house cleaners available on the shelves of supermarkets.
Other products usually have 50% hydrochloric acid in their composition, in connection with respiratory, kidney problems and being the cause of several allergic reactions, headaches and swelling of the respiratory tract.

Find out how to prepare your own homemade cleaning product to give your toilets a unique shine:

Here’s what you’ll need:
1/2 cup of baking soda
1/2 cup citric acid
1/2 cup cornstarch
Some water
A medium size hermetic bag
25 drops of essential oils of your choice (Either lemon or orange).
Method of preparation :
Add all the ingredients to the airtight plastic bag except the essential oil, then close and shake. Then add a little water to the mixture and start to stir everything. It should look like a very thick mass without allowing air to accumulate there.
In the end, add the essential oil and shake a little more. Place the dough obtained in a mold and let it dry for two days (48 hours).
These pieces of dried dough should go into your toilet cavity. The last step will be to clean the walls with water and wait a few minutes before flushing.

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