methods that work with perfection to quit smoking

The financial benefits of quitting, can literally be your best bet, especially if you risk squandering your own money.
A new study taking place this week in the New England Journal of Medicine shows promising results. By observing more than 2,500 people enrolled in a CVS Caremark program, the study found that people who had a financial incentive to quit smoking had remarkable success, at least after 12 months of testing.

Here are the 5 other methods that work with perfection to stop smoking:
1- The will and the cold blood:
Only the most disciplined among us can leave without help. Studies show that only about 4-7% can do it without any extra help.
If you want to try this method, what works best is to be mentally prepared and seriously committed. As well as having a lot of patience and confidence to overcome the symptoms of withdrawal.

2- Drinking water can also work: specialists suggest you drink water when cravings begin. Distract yourself with something else. Maybe go for a walk or go talk to someone. Try to breathe deeply and slowly and focus on your goal. It will be hard, but the feelings will pass.
Another thing that could help is to ask for help. Let your friends and family know that you are trying to quit. They can help you stay honest with yourself and will surely encourage you.

3- Find the company:
According to a study that ran in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, love can help you get through this stage.
Almost half of the men in this study were successful in their attempt to quit if their partner also stopped, compared with 8% success if their partner did not quit. Similarly, half of women quit smoking if their male partners also quit smoking. Positive peer pressure seems to help.

4- Nicotine substitution therapy:
Inhalers, nasal sprays, lozenges, gums and skin patches that deliver nicotine slowly are designed to help smokers overcome initial cravings and withdrawal symptoms. And they seem to help.
A scientific journal that examined more than 150 different tests of these devices (representing more than 50,000 people) showed that the probability of someone leaving using them increased by 50-70%.

5- Prescription drugs:
Talk to your doctor if you want to take the prescription route, but there are some drugs that seem to have some success, especially if used with NRT. In addition to drugs like bupropion, there is something called varenicline, also known as Chantix brand.
It works by targeting the nicotine receptors in your brain. Which means that you do not get as much pleasure as smoking and it lowers your feelings of withdrawal.
Some studies have shown that taking this medication can more than double your chances of quitting compared to not taking any medication at all.

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