Manage your stress with food

Generally stress is a fleeting feeling, which can go away on its own with problem solving. But, if you feel tense at all times, or feel like your emotions are getting stronger, eat the foods below to help you relax in no time.

1- The lawyer:
This fruit is actually a good choice when it comes to combating stress, as it offers protection against it. It is actually quite nutritious since it contains high amounts of glutathione which can fight oxidative damage.
On top of that, avocado helps you get more beta carotene, lutein, vitamin E and a lot more folic acid than any other fruit. However, be sure to control your portions as avocado can be a little greasy.

2- Oysters:
Oysters are worth considering when you’re feeling too stressed, as they are one of the best sources of mineral zinc. In fact, eating six oysters can actually deliver more than half the recommended amount of zinc per day. Zinc helps you calm down so that your stress levels will be significantly reduced.

3- Oranges:
5 natural foods that fight stress better than any other stress reliever.
Oranges can also reduce stress, not only because they are rich in vitamin C, but also because they can boost your immune system. This protects you from oxidative damage and makes you feel less stressed. And because oranges are easy to bring with you, you can snack on them from time to time.

4- Cashew nuts:
Savory and crunchy, it’s never a bad choice to eat cashews when it comes to stress relief. Like oysters, cashews also have the distinction of being rich in zinc. You can add them to your salad to get more zinc in your body and combat high levels of stress.

5- Green tea:
Drinking green tea has also been found to be effective in combating stress. This is indeed due to the antioxidant properties it contains. In addition, green tea contains theanine which has been recognized for its ability to fight certain types of cancer and cause weight loss. In addition to all of this, drinking green tea can also boost your brain health so that you can easily combat stress and its symptoms.
These foods are just a few options to consider when dealing with stress. Adding them to your diet can give you the nutrients you need to combat the effects of stress.

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