Looking to improve your blood circulation, here’s how to fix it

Were your feet swollen or your hands cold? You will most certainly be told that you have poor blood circulation. But what are the true symptoms of this disorder and how can you stop it? We bring you all the answers you need in the rest of this article.

The role of the circulatory system is to transport oxygen, nutrients and many other resources to different parts of the body and, in turn, to eliminate toxins.

This is what makes red blood cells so important in the transport of oxygen.
Many factors can be the cause of blood circulation disorders. Among the many causes, the main one is high cholesterol, low consumption of fiber-rich foods, over-salty diets and lack of hydration.

The high consumption of saturated fatty acids leads to the rise of cholesterol, which causes the alteration and loss of elasticity of the blood vessels, which allow the blood to flow freely into the arteries. The direct consequence of this type of diet is the appearance of various circulatory problems.

Poor blood circulation can affect both the brain and limbs. Symptoms in the brain can include dizziness, headaches, dizziness, memory loss. When at the level of the limbs, they generally relate to cold extremities, tingling sensations, pains, heavy leg sensations, cramps, the appearance of edema and varicose veins, cyanosis of the skin, difficulty to heal.

So if you have this problem, here’s how to solve it in just 20 minutes:

1- Neck exercise:
Start by turning your head to the left, then to the right, to relax. Count to 10. Then lift your head and bend it until it touches your chest.
Do not worry if you hear crunches while performing the exercises. They are normal and show that you are successfully stretching the neck ligaments and performing the exercises correctly.

2- Exercise of the hands:
First, stretch and stretch the fingers of your hand. Then make a fist and hold this position for a few seconds. Then loosen your point and turn your hand in a circular motion of the shoulder, for a minute. It is an excellent exercise to improve blood circulation and prevent cramps.

3- Rotations of the feet:
Sit on a chair and turn your foot clockwise. In doing so, you will improve blood circulation and flexibility of your legs. You should repeat this exercise at least 10 times.

4- Swimming:
Swimming involves all muscles and stimulates blood flow. It’s good for people of all ages, but especially for those with joint and muscle problems.

5- The walk:
Walking is without a doubt the best exercise to improve your blood circulation. It tightens and relaxes the muscles of the leg and stimulates the pumping of blood throughout the body. In addition, it reduces blood pressure. At first you should start with short walks, which you will do 2-3 times a week.

6- Do small massages:
With a good cream, you can perform a gentle massage but firm feet up to the thighs. This will stimulate the flow of blood into your legs and significantly reduce your circulatory problems.

7- Consume foods that lower blood pressure:
Foods that can improve not only circulation problems but also blood pressure are multiple. These include spinach, celery, sunflower seeds, bananas, soy, potatoes, chocolate, avocado, skim milk, fish, citrus fruits.

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