Linseed juice a beneficial drink to treat cellulite

Known by the medical term (adipose edematosa), cellulite is a condition in which the skin appears to have areas with underlying fat deposits, which gives the part a “bumpy” appearance, deemed unsightly. Fortunately, it is possible to treat the condition with linseed juice whose recipe we present to you.

Cultivated for its textile fibers and oil seeds, flax has various properties promoting skin health. In cosmetics, there are mainly extracts of linseed in softening, moisturizing or restorative treatments, chosen for its film-forming properties.
Flax has diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties. It thus helps us to purify retained liquids and waste while eliminating the inflammation caused by this retention. The healing fats of flax penetrate the skin, rejuvenate the subcutaneous tissue and restore the skin’s tightness.
Linseed juice is a natural drink which, thanks to its diuretic and depurative properties, as well as these healthy sources of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, brings multiple benefits to the skin, including reduction of the appearance of the skin. orange or cellulite.

Linseed juice is an easy-to-prepare natural drink. It only requires two ingredients, including flax sheaths and water. That’s all you need to get rid of your cellulite, saving you from the staggering expenses you can incur with the use of certain cosmetic products.

Dosage of ingredients:
5 tablespoons of flax (50 g)
1 liter of water
Instructions :
As we already mentioned, flax juice is easy to prepare, first bring the water to a boil. When it boils, add the flax seeds at this time and reduce the heat so that the mixture simmers over low heat for 2 to 5 minutes. Then let the infusion cool, then you can drink it.

To better enjoy the benefits of this drink, it is best to prepare it in the evening. This allows the different components of flax to concentrate in the drink while you sleep. The next day you will see a thick, gelatinous liquid that brings all the benefits of flax.
Consume half a glass of this drink, 3 or 4 times a day. Preferably, drink it half an hour before each main meal, this will prevent you from overeating.

This medicinal flaxseed drink may interfere with the absorption of certain medications. In case you are taking certain medical treatments, consult your specialist before consuming it.

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