Lemon, a good deodorant and home disinfectant

If you suffer from an invasion of flies and mosquitoes, forget about your toxic chemicals and learn to learn lemon to scent and deodorize both the kitchen and any other room that has an insect attack.

Like the refrigerator, the microwave easily concentrates odors and holds them back.
The lemon essential oil, fortunately, absorbs them effectively. In practice: To absorb the bad smells of the microwave or to spread its pleasant smell, leave its door open for at least 12 hours, then pour 3 drops of lemon essence (essential oil extracted by the pressure of the fruit) in a bowl of water and heat for 3 minutes in the microwave.
To renew as often as necessary. In fact, Lemon is also a very good atmospheric antiseptic and participates in sanitation, “says Danièle Festy, pharmacist specialist in aromatherapy.
Moreover, the zest of lemon can also be used to deodorize the cupboards and the corners of the rooms, so do not discard the peel of these citrus. Keep them to deodorize your closets, cabinets, dressers, and other closed furniture! Their zests contain many fragrant molecules that pleasantly scent.

At first, you have to open the windows to allow fresh air to enter the room to deodorize. It is also to seize the insects like the flies or the mosquitos inside the room … Thereafter, it is necessary to follow a small procedure to get rid of the insects and deodorize the place entirely:
Ingredients and utensils needed for the procedure:
You will only need one oven and 2 lemons. Before going to sleep, cut the lemons in half and put them inside oven with the door (oven) open. When you wake up in the morning, close the oven door and turn it on for a few minutes. After that turn off the oven and leave the door open a second time.
After that, your house will smell as good as a Eden Garden and you will not see any more insects in the house.

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