Hyperglycemia and cholesterol, health impacts

Beginning with hyperglycemia, its consequences on the body can be serious as it causes damage to blood vessels and nerves. Erectile dysfunction, heart attack, kidney failure, stroke, blindness and even amputation. All of these are possible consequences if nothing is done.
This is why it is so important to monitor your blood sugar. Although only a blood test can indicate whether or not you have high blood sugar, there are telltale signs that may draw your attention, such as intense thirst, the need to urinate far too often, blurred vision, difficulty healing, increased appetite, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, frequent infections. However, the onset of these symptoms does not automatically mean that you have hyperglycemia or even diabetes.
Like high blood sugar, high cholesterol also poses huge health risks. It damages the arteries (formation of atherosclerotic plaques), promotes clots and is generally associated with cardiovascular problems, myocardial infarction, stroke or arteritis of the lower limbs.

There are natural solutions to remedy each of these conditions, get to know them:
1- Drink more water:
Soft drinks and juices are full of sugars and can have disastrous effects on your blood sugar. Instead, consume water, sugar-free tonic, or sparkling water to reduce the amount of sugar you eat quickly.
2- Lose excess weight:
Losing weight if you are overweight or obese can lower high blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Losing just 5% to 7% of your body weight can help prevent the development of diabetes. Cut back on calories to lose weight by focusing on lean vegetables, fruits and protein.

3- Follow a prudent diet:
Conservative diets tend to be based on fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats. They are poorer in sweets, sugary drinks and other sources of added sugars, red meats and solid fats, such as butter.

Higher consumption of fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains – combined with less consumption of red meat – may help prevent diabetes, says study published in July 2012 in the Journal of Research in Medical Sciences . Increased fiber intake can help lower cholesterol levels.
4- Do exercises:
Doctors all know and prescribe it, exercise is essential when you have high blood sugar. To quickly lower blood sugar levels, it is advisable to do 10 minutes of intense exercise like cycling at high speed or skipping rope. Foot races can also have the same results.

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