How to identify its true nature

This test requires neither intelligence nor any particular knowledge. Just trust your intuition and answer the questions without looking for logical answers. Now that you know the rules, get ready to take the test and release your intuitions.

When you ask yourself the question “Who am I?” “, The answer that may come to your mind may be the one you were taught. You decline the names and surnames that your parents gave you. This answer is not wrong; it’s not totally true either. It is just incomplete.
If you continue your investigation, an invaluable discovery awaits you. Finding out who you really are. This discovery will set you free and make you realize the beauty and grandeur of who you are. This will free you from the endless ego-related suffering that comes with denying your true nature.
A multitude of questions take over our minds, but the question “Who am I?” Often escapes our attention. When we dare to ask ourselves, we often settle for learned answers from people who, like us, are trapped by false beliefs about their identity.

To understand what you really are, ask yourself the following questions:

– Question 1 (Imagine five animals in front of you):
You see a tiger, a cow, a sheep, a pig and a horse. Now line them up in front of you in the order you prefer most. Try not to take too long; just write down the order you think is the best.
– Question 2 (End each of the sentences below using an adjective for each name):
A dog is …
A cat is …
A rat is …
The coffee is …
The sea is…
– Question 3 (Imagine five people who are important in your life):

– Then choose a color for each person using the colors below. Use your intuition and your gut.

Here are the 3 answers of this test to discover your true nature:

– Answer 1: How you define your priorities:
Cow: Career
Tiger: Self-esteem
Sheep: Love
Horse: Family
Pig: Silver

 – Answer 2: Your attitudes towards life:
Dog: Your personality
Chat: Your partner’s personality
Rat: The personality of your enemies
Coffee: Your take on sex
Ocean: Your global life

– Answer 3: Your attitude towards other people:
Yellow: Someone who has a big impact on your life
Orange: Someone you consider a true friend
Red: Someone you love with all your heart
White: Your soul mate
Green: A person you are not about to forget

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