Here’s how to make a man marry you

Finding a friend is one thing, keeping him is another. What are the secrets of women to find men who want to engage? This guide will not give you all the answers, but it’s a good start to help you create deeper relationships.

1- To love yourself:

Ask yourself if you would agree to marry you? If you do not like the person you are not expecting others to like it. Analyze your personality and change what you do not like. Self-confidence is a crucial thing.

2- Communicate:

The key to a relationship, in its infancy and throughout the marriage, is to communicate. Tell him both the things you find positive and the ones you find negative.

3- Be natural:

Because of all the glamorous commercials, false breasts, fake hair that are everywhere in our society, men appreciate simple things. Be natural and do not make manners. You want him to know who you really are because he’s going to live with that person when you’re married.

4- Be sexy:

Be romantic to show that you are interested. Try not to be too prudish or introverted. Make this aspect of the relationship free, fun, alive. Men who want to get married do not look for a roommate.

5- Play your role:

It is important in a relationship that both partners know they have an indispensable role to play. Make sure you both have a similar vision of the relationship. If you are looking for someone who will be the father of your children and wants only a temporary relationship, it will not work.

6- Be emotionally stable:

Life by your side should not look like a roller coaster. Men usually look for a stable woman and vice versa. It is sometimes difficult as our lives are hectic, but not impossible. If you’ve ever been treated to “drama queen”, ask for help to relax and control your emotions.

7- Men take longer to get involved, they prefer to get to know a woman before engaging with her.

They give dating appointments before becoming boyfriends, and remain boyfriends before getting engaged. It is often difficult for women, but there is a lesson to be learned. They make sure (and women should do it too) that you are compatible at all levels. It is a process that takes time. By pushing a man to make a decision before he makes a decision, you will make him undecided. Do not talk about marriage before it comes up or before a year of relationship.

8- Make sure your appointments are always a party:

If the appointments go well, that you get along well, he will want you to become his girlfriend. If he gets to know you and sees you as the person with whom he wants to spend his life, he will look more seriously into the future, making long-term plans like buying a house, and talking about the future more and more often. He will make his marriage proposal only when he makes his decision and feels ready.

9- Show yourself confident:

Be sure of yourself, ready to face all obstacles. Men love women who trust them. How could a man not feel privileged by gaining the esteem of a woman who has such a high idea of ​​herself?

10- Show your affection with distinction:

A stare, a caress in the back, a little kiss are appropriate, but do not do anything “sticky” or moved.

11- Enhance your strengths:

Tell him, even if he is already proud of it. Support him when he is in shape, and avoid reprimanding him or making scathing remarks when he is low.

12- Be fun:

This seems obvious, but it is a decisive criterion in a relationship. Have a sense of humor Do not be stuck or negative.

13 – Overflow with joy:

Happy women who enjoy every minute of life exercise an incredible attraction on men.

14- Radiate:

If the warmth of your heart is read on your face, if the feelings you have for it are read in your eyes, you will melt it. This helps to remove all doubts, it is the miracle cure.

15- Stay humble:

A humble person is not someone who underestimates himself; but someone who controls his ego and who knows how to take care of others.

16- Leave:

It takes many appointments to engage in a relationship before he asks you to marry. The word “rendezvous” in the modern sense is vague, whereas it is something very simple: to discuss with a man and mutually to get to know each other better.

17- Do not take things into your hands:

Some men need a little more time than you would expect to get started. If it’s worth it, you can wait a bit. If he is not interested, or worse, if he finds excuses, even a long wait, you must think about the meaning of your relationship.

18- Remember that love goes both ways.

If you want to be respected and treated as equals, do as much for him. Be romantic. Give him the desire to get involved in the relationship. Do not be stingy. Men also love romance, pretending otherwise would only distance you from you.

19- Remember that some like to go out with women they like, but they do not plan to marry them.

If at the end of six months he has never spoken of marriage or family life (with or without you), ask him “What qualities do you look for in a woman to marry her?” If he mentions the qualities he has told you he loves at home, it’s a good sign. If his compliments are only about sexual aspects, that’s probably a bad sign.

20- If you feel that you need to have a serious discussion with him, think about the best way to do it.

Instead of speaking to him seriously (which may rekindle his fear of commitment), be upbeat and positive. “I like spending time with you, I’m happy by your side, but I just want to check that we’re on the same wavelength, I know it’s too early to talk about it, but I want to marry in the future and I want to be sure to go out with someone who has the same values ​​as I. As we get better and better, do you start to see me as someone with whom you could to marry? “

21- Build an unconditional love:

A real relationship is built from something stronger than ease. Confronting the difficulties together requires commitment and mutual esteem. It is a choice that one makes rather than a feeling that one feels.

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