Here’s how to grow an apricot tree from a kernel

You’ve just finished eating a succulent apricot and you’re ready to start the kernel off but do you think he could become a tall, handsome apricot. One wonders then, can we grow an apricot apricot and especially how to plant an apricot seed? If so, what do I need to know to plant apricot kernels? Discover in this article the answers to your questions and especially how to do.

Do not ask yourself more. The answer is yes, it is quite possible to plant a kernel of apricot but in addition the method is not expensive and very fun. So, how to grow an apricot tree from a seed? Getting apricots from a kernel is an easy project and in fact, the kernels of very many fruits can be used to grow trees.
Cross-pollination between varieties produces uncertain results, so most fruit trees are not grown from the kernels. Instead, cuttings or buds of the most favorable specimens are grafted onto rootstocks to produce trees that are near-perfect copies of the parent trees. These grafted trees are then sold more or less expensive.

This is the case for apricots, but also for peach and almond trees. By planting a nucleus you will have to count on your luck, but no matter, it is always nice to see the result obtained from a nucleus, even if in the end the fruit is not as perfect as one would like.

Before you start planting your apricot kernel, choose a delicious mid-season or late-season apricot, ideally one that has been grown from seed itself.Keep in mind that a bad apricot will have less of chance to give a tree with good apricots that a very good apricot, you need all the chances of your side in the operation. Eat the fruit, in fact eat some rather to increase the chances of germination. Remove all flesh from the cores and place on a newspaper for three hours or more to dry.

Now you have to recover the seed or kernel inside the kernel. Use a hammer gently on the side of the core to break it. You can also use a nutcracker. The idea is to get the kernel seed without crushing it. If you are in doubt and are afraid of damaging the seed by opening the nucleus, you can simply plant the whole nucleus but germination will take longer.

Once you have recovered the seeds, let them dry on the newspaper for a few hours. You can now store them in a plastic bag or a cover pot in the refrigerator to stratify the seeds for 60 days. The time to stratify depends on where you bought the fruit. If you bought in a grocery store, the fruit has already been stored in the cold, so it is less likely to need to be laminated, but if you bought them from a farmers market or recovered directly on the tree, it will then be necessary to stratify the seeds cold.

Once you have laminated the seeds, wrap them in a clean environment, wipe a paper towel and place them in a plastic bag at the edge of a window. Keep an eye on her. Water as needed to keep everything moist and change the paper towel if it starts to rot.

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