Here’s how to get rid of bad smells from pipes

To avoid the stench that escapes from the pipes and pipelines, the best option is to simply avoid leaving food remains there. But since this is difficult to achieve, you can always get help with homemade tricks. The one that we offer is one of the best there is to eliminate the stench from the kitchen pipes.
One of the main causes of bad smells is actually leftover food that we drain down the sink. Not only do they clog the pipes by accumulating there, but they also end up rotting and giving off unbearable odors.
However, leftover foods are not the only culprits, as some detergents you use for washing dishes can also contribute to the proliferation of these bad smells. The regular use of detergents and soaps in sinks releases a series of chemicals that adhere to the pipes in the form of grease. Finally, they degrade and any stimulation then gives off bad smells.
In addition, you have probably also noticed that bad odors do not only come from kitchen pipes. In fact, the joint of toilet pipes, taps and sinks tends to deteriorate due to humidity and mold. An annoying smell of silicone then appears, which worsens with what the bacteria produce.

Usually, to get rid of bad smells, a large majority of people use sprays, air fresheners and other chemicals. While these are a quick way to cover up these odors, they don’t eliminate them completely.
In addition, some of these products can be very aggressive and have toxic effects for you. So we invite you to choose safe natural options, like this simple trick that uses very economical ingredients and has better results.

1/2 glass of Baking Soda;
1 glass of ecological white vinegar;
1/2 liter of hot water.
Instructions :
Start by boiling half a liter of water. When it comes to a boil, add the vinegar and mix. While this mixture is boiling, add the baking soda to the pipes you want to clean.
Then remove the water and vinegar mixture from the heat and pour it down the sink so that it mixes with the baking soda inside. Expect an effervescent reaction that will occur, this is completely normal.
It is best to put a plug at the entrance to the pipes to prevent water or other substances from falling into it, at least for an hour. If possible, leave on overnight for best results. The next day, you will no longer smell bad.

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