Here’s how to find out if your house is haunted

A haunted house is the ideal place to visit to encourage the loved one to take refuge in your arms, but on the other hand it is not the ideal place to spend the rest of your days. Before moving, make sure the house of your dreams is not already inhabited by a ghost and check if there are none in the one you live in.

1- Determine if the house is really haunted: There are different types of different phenomena grouped under the term haunted house. These are sometimes isolated phenomena. It can refer to different things.

2- Investigate: Conduct the survey to make sure nothing is out of the ordinary.
– If you are alone at home, listen to the sounds around you. Do you hear unusual voices or noises? Some noises may seem to come from far away. It may be footsteps, blows, slamming doors, crackling, rubbing or the sound of falling objects. These sounds can be very discreet as very strong.
– Check that you do not find doors open or closed while you are sure you have not left them like that. Also be careful when electric objects come on or off for no reason. It is likely that you do not observe this type of phenomena.
– Observe objects that disappear and reappear. If an object that is still in the same place disappears, open the eye. Generally, the object will reappear in a visible place after a few days to a few weeks. This will give the impression that someone borrowed the object for a while and put it back in its place.
– Check that there is no unexplained shadow. This can happen when you observe a shadow or shape of the corner of the eye. The shadow will probably evoke a human silhouette, but it may also be smaller and difficult to discern.
– Note if you feel like being watched or touched by someone or something invisible. For example, something may touch your arm while you are alone in the middle of a room. An extreme and much rarer example would be to receive a slap or a blow from the person or the invisible thing.
– Listen to possible whisperings or muffled cries. You may hear music coming from nowhere or a person or an invisible being who calls you by your name.
– Observe objects that could move on their own, such as plates flying in the middle of the room, paintings falling off the wall, or furniture moving around the room.
– Pay special attention to very cold areas, as it is sometimes said that this signals the presence of a ghost in the room.
– Also pay attention to the smell of food, flowers, perfume, smoke, etc. who seem to come from nowhere or suddenly appear.

3- Try to find a rational explanation for what has just happened: It is sometimes difficult to ignore extreme events. Such a phenomenon will no doubt be more easily taken seriously if many people witness it.

4- Get help to show that your house is not haunted: The help of your plumber will probably be useful to explain piping noises. A carpenter can solve the problem of a table that walks alone or a door that does not want to remain closed. Your friends or family may have a different explanation about noises you heard or things you saw.

5- Keep a diary and dictaphone handy: Write down the date and time of the phenomena you are observing. If you often hear a strange noise, save it for proof. This will allow you to help potential paranormal specialists to whom you could entrust the examination of your home.

6- Do historical research: Haunted houses have often been the scene of tragedies in the past. Find out about the previous occupants of the house and about anything that happened to be abnormal. You can get help from the town hall, a historical society, a good documentalist or even a history teacher.
Get in touch with the people who have occupied your home before you. Ask them if they noticed anything strange, unexplained or unusual when they lived there. If your home has been inhabited by many people before you, try to meet as many of them as possible.

7- Contact a Paranormal Specialist: Have him visit your house and ask him if he notices anything abnormal. If you think that the phenomenon in your home is putting your family at risk, do not be afraid to ask for help as soon as possible.

8- Follow the advice of the investigator: If you discover that your house is really haunted, listen to the advice that you will be given. If you do not like to know your house inhabited by ghosts, try sprinkling with holy water the areas that seem to you most haunted.


– Do not provoke ghosts. Their activity would remain the same and could even get worse.
– Be aware that with the sound of TV or radio and a lot of activity in the house when you are alone, you will feel safer.
– Never threaten a ghost.
– If something strange happens, watch what happens on the periphery of your eyes.
– Before making an important decision, such as moving out, make sure you understand what is happening.
– Make sure that you do not make ideas, by doing everything so that “strange” phenomena appear: leave the window open, put objects at the edge of the table, confuse a reflection with a shadow, etc. Do not scare yourself.
– Install a surveillance camera at night or when someone is alone at home to make sure no one is doing you a joke.
– Do not panic if you find that your house is haunted by spirits. There is little chance that they will hurt you or even desire it.
– If you live in an apartment, you may hear noises coming from neighboring apartments.
– In some places, real estate agents are required to inform you of rumors about haunted houses that you might want to buy. – — Inquire.
– Only move if all else fails. It is quite possible to coexist peacefully with roommates from the afterlife. It just takes a little work.
– If you are sure that a spirit lives in your house, politely ask him to leave.
– It may be a benevolent spirit, so do not be afraid and get in touch with him with a ouija board or politely ask him to leave.


– Make sure the paranormal specialist you have contacted is a trusted person and his intentions are clear.
– Do not try to explore a haunted house alone if you have no experience. Always contact a specialized person to help you.
– These are sometimes natural phenomena that make believe that a place is “haunted. “Make sure you know before making a drastic decision, like moving out.
– Determine whether the present entity is good or bad, if the entity to which you are addressing is the one you think.
– If you hear hissing or scratching, there’s a demon. The only thing to do in this case is to move.

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