Here’s how to fight water retention

Edema is also very common in inactive people, those on long-term medication or bedridden; In short, if you want to hang around too much or stay glued to the computer, the tissues swell and the body retains water.

Conserving water is not a life-threatening problem, but it can lead to other, more serious problems like heart attacks or kidney disease. In most cases, however, water retention can be prevented, treated, and swelling can be reduced easily.
If you feel swollen, your legs a little puffy or heavy, here are some tips to fight a very common ailment: water retention in the legs or arms. Whether it’s sweet, alcohol, raw vegetables or lack of water, fluid retention, or retaining fluids in your body, has nothing to do with fluid retention in a way direct. Likewise, you should not deprive yourself of water.
Also note: in case of significant swelling, or edema, consult your doctor. Either way, before you take action, you need to know the cause of the water retention. In the rest of our article, discover our 5 main causes of this discomfort and how to get rid of it.

If you specify the underlying cause of the edema, you will be able to treat it, so this article identifies all the most common causes of water retention:
1-Excessive sodium intake:
In the case of consuming foods rich in sodium, accompanied by an insufficient intake of water, the body imposes itself on a “reserve mode” and begins to maintain water. In this case, the cells can become 20 times larger due to water in order to dilute a salty environment.
Salt is not the only food that is rich in sodium, but it is also the case with canned vegetables, some condiments and processed and processed meat, saturated with sodium.

2- Insufficient vitamin B6:
Vitamin B6 is responsible for the balance of water in the body, so if the body is deficient in this vitamin, you may suffer from water conservation.
A study, published in the Journal of Caring Sciences, found that women who suffered from water conservation due to PMS were better after taking vitamin B6.
Namely, they have reported that it reduces symptoms more than any of the other supplements they have used before. This vitamin is water soluble and it needs many factors to function.
Foods rich in vitamin B6 are limited to chicken, tuna, turkey, sunflower seeds, dried fruit, pistachios with unpeeled potatoes and bananas.

3- Insufficient potassium:
This important mineral is responsible for perfecting the functions of organs, tissues and body cells. Namely, it is an electrolyte required for the balance of water in the body.
In addition, insufficient potassium can also lead to weight gain and health problems such as cramps and muscle spasms. By reducing sodium levels and increasing urine production, this mineral effectively reduces edema.
Potassium is found in almost all fruits, but it is present in very high doses in melon, honey, watermelon and rock melon. For better effects, instead of taking supplements, you should increase your potassium levels by consuming various fruits and vegetables.

4- Dehydration:
Insufficient amounts of water lead to dehydration of the body. In this case, the body reacts by maintaining the water, as if by survival instinct. Regular consumption of water and potassium-rich juices can reduce edema and dehydration.
Drink plenty of water until water retention is reduced and avoid sodium drinks and coffee.
5- Insufficient magnesium:
One of the common symptoms of magnesium deficiency is water conservation. Magnesium is necessary for almost every function of the body, so a deficiency of it prevents many functions in the body and contributes to the conservation of water.
The equivalent of 200 mg of magnesium daily can quickly lower water retention in women with premenstrual symptoms.
Eating foods rich in magnesium or using magnesium supplements significantly reduces edema. This food includes dark chocolate, green vegetables, avocados, nuts, whole grains, peas, spinach, yogurt and dried fruits.

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