Here’s how to fight flies the natural way

In a world where the presence of chemicals makes the rain and the good weather, we come to forget the existence of natural methods allowing to fight effectively against such disturbing insects as flies.
The presence of flies in the house is generally caused by poor hygienic habits. They accumulate in areas where garbage or feces are exposed. In addition, leftover food can also attract these insects into the home.
Sanitation is the first preventive measure against the proliferation of flies in your home. If you make every corner of your home clean and sanitary, chances are you won’t see the slightest sign of a mosquito inside. But despite your best efforts, if they still get stuck in your home, you can also opt for natural solutions instead of dangerous chemical insecticides.

1- Basil:
The properties of basil have interesting effects in controlling the invasion of flies into the home. This medicinal plant has intolerable pain for these insects, and when they perceive it, they immediately flee. You can plant it in a pot or in your garden, but also prepare it as an infusion to spray it on insects.
2- Garlic:
Garlic cloves release volatile compounds which, in addition to having a peculiar smell, keep flies out of the house. Put some garlic cloves in your dining room or sprinkle them on the dishes to prevent flies from landing on them. In addition, you can mash a few and spread the dough on one of the strategic corners.

3- Lavender essential oil:
Lavender essential oil has a penetrating smell that humans love but that insects hate. If we use it for alternative therapies against stress and tension, we can take advantage of it as a solution against the invasion of flies.
Dripping it with a spray or using it in vapor with water helps to fight against these insects while obtaining a pleasant odor in the house.

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