Here are several home remedies for all your worries

There is nothing wrong with trying home remedies first as long as it does not require going too far or stopping prescribed treatments. Many people prefer to be treated at home for easy-to-treat conditions, and the tips in this setting are not what’s missing. Here are twelve weird home remedies that actually work.

1- Vinegar for skin infections:
Vinegar has natural antibacterial properties so you should not be surprised if it works in the treatment of skin infections that occurred after a painful visit to the beauty salon. Make a solution of hot water and vinegar then soak your irritated areas in for 15 minutes each day until the infection is gone.

2- Cloves for superficial cuts:
To promote healing and to prevent cuts from being infected, simply spray a few cloves of powder on them. Clove oil is also rich in eugenol which can act as an analgesic and antiseptic.

3- Peppermint essential oil for anxiety and stress:
Always keep a little peppermint essential oil on hand to inhale it every time you feel stressed. Research suggests that participants who yearn for the scent of peppermint oil have 20% less anxiety and 25% less frustration.

4- Meat tenderizer for bee stings:
Bee or wasp stings will certainly cause discomfort and will cause a great inflammation in the affected area because of the venom contained in the sting. After removing the sting, apply a powdered meat tenderizer paste and water to the sting. It will neutralize the venom, reducing inflammation and relieving pain.

5- Chocolate for cough:
One of the main components of cough medicine is theobromine. Theobromine is responsible for suppressing the nerves that cause the reflex of coughing.

60 grams of dark chocolate (over 70% cocoa) contain about the same amount of theobromine as most cough medicines. That’s why eating dark chocolate can cause relief because it calms the nerves responsible for coughing.

6- Pencil for headaches:
Stress and anxiety can cause an unconscious tightening of the jaws. This can then lead to intensive headaches. To relieve this kind of headache, gently hold a pencil between your teeth. Do not bite him! This will relax your jaw muscles as well as relieve headaches.

7- Acupressure for body pains:
Acupressure is an alternative medicine technique derived from acupuncture that you can do on your own. There are different acupressure points on the body that you can hold to relieve you of certain symptoms like body pains. Apply pressure on the area between your thumb and forefinger to relieve headaches and toothache.

8- Sugar for hiccups:
Swallow a spoonful of dry sugar to stop the hiccup immediately. The granular texture of the sugar reacts on the nerves responsible for the diaphragm, so that they contract spasmodically and relax.

9- Apple for whiter teeth:
Fruits and vegetables can clean all around your teeth when you chew them. Because of the mild malic acid in apples, chewing them carefully can help clean and dissolve stains on your teeth without damaging the enamel.

10- Vinegar for the swimmer’s ear:
Because the swimmer’s ear only involves the external auditory canal, it can be treated safely at home. Dilute the white vinegar with an equal amount of distilled water and then use a dropper to put 3 drops of the solution in the affected ear 3 times a day until the symptoms disappear.

11- Tea bags for burns:
One of the easiest ways to soothe minor or moderate burns in the kitchen is to apply a fresh, wet bag of tea directly to the burn.

12- Toothpaste for insect bites:
You can relieve the pain and itching of insect bites by applying a small amount of toothpaste to the area.

Since it’s peppermint oil in the toothpaste that brings relief, peppermint oil will work just as well, if not better.

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