herbs and spices that have remarkable health benefits

There are good reasons for doctors and dieticians to agree that your spice rack can be just as essential as your medicine cabinet when it comes to preventing and treating the disease. Research shows that many herbs and spices have medicinal qualities and can help prevent everything from colds to cancer.

Here are 10 of the healthiest herbs and spices in the world, supported by research.

1- Cumin: Prevents cancer:
It is not surprising to many spice researchers that cancer rates are lower in India, where caraway is a staple. Studies show that curcumin in this spice inhibits the enzymes that help cancer cells invade healthy tissue and also prevents tumors from developing new blood vessels that help them grow.

2- Ginger: Calm the nausea:
Chinese medical texts dating back to the fourth century BC BC, all antinausea properties of ginger and modern clinical studies offer scientific evidence that it works, a substance in ginger extinguishes a nerve receptor of the body that triggers the vomiting reflex.

3- Basilisk: Cold Fights:
Basil is rich in antioxidants that help boost immunity. It is also an antimicrobial that fights the germs that cause colds.

4- Cinnamon: fight against diabetes:
People with type 2 diabetes have difficulty treating insulin, the hormone that tells cells to remove excess sugar from the blood. But studies show that cinnamon contains a substance that can help cells respond to insulin. The result? A reduction in blood sugar levels averaged 18 percent to 29 percent, according to a recent Pakistan study.

5- Rosemary: Improves the memory:
Ophelia tells Hamlet, “There is rosemary, it’s for memories,” wrote Shakespeare more than 400 years ago. Today, a variety of studies confirm Ophelia’s claim. Ursolic acid in rosemary inhibits the breakdown of a neurotransmitter essential for memory.

6- Garlic: reduces cholesterol:
Although researchers do not agree on the effectiveness of garlic in lowering cholesterol, a review of several studies conducted by the Linus Pauling Institute found that people who took garlic for three months had a reduction of 6 to 11 percent of total cholesterol. Because garlic is an antioxidant, it can prevent the oxidation of cholesterol in the arteries.

7- Nutmeg: Lowers blood pressure:
Nutmeg is both a stimulant and sedative – it soothes the body while exciting the body’s systems. It is the sedative effect that can help lower blood pressure temporarily, as in times of stress, but it is not an effective substitute for prescription hypertension medications. Traditional Chinese medicine uses nutmeg to calm the stomach and treat diarrhea, so it can help reduce the symptoms associated with stress-related hypertension.

8- Cloves: Help with arthritis pain:
According to Chinese medicine, cloves have the warm, mobile properties that relieve the pain of arthritis caused by cold and stagnation. Cloves contain a phytochemical that interrupts the pathways of a protein complex in the body that has been linked to inflammatory diseases such as arthritis.

9- Turmeric: Brake inflammation:
An ancient spice that gives the curry its golden-orange color, turmeric reduces the inflammation that causes pain in the body. Curcumin, a component in turmeric, inhibits the cellular enzymes that contribute to inflammation.

10- Thyme: relieves cough:
Thyme is an antispasmodic, which relieves coughing attacks without stopping. The antiseptic properties of thyme also make it very effective against inflammation of the throat, which can cause coughing.

Warning :
Be careful not to abuse the consumption of turmeric.

Follow the standard dosage (1.5 g to 3 g (1/2 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon per day).

If you belong to one of the following categories, do not take turmeric:

1- People suffering from blood disorders.
2- People with gallstones.
3- Women during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
4- People about to undergo surgery.

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