Growing vanilla at home

Vanilla plants for growth prefer high humidity and sunlight, hint. They also need lots of water and extremely hot temperatures. If you can provide suitable growing conditions, you can grow your own vanilla at home.

You will need :
Scraps of vanilla plants
Potting soil
Factory fluorescent lamp
Some vine trellis in the long stick, such as bamboo
Gardening gloves

1 – Buy your vanilla pod plant:
You have to buy a famous vanilla bean producer. As the vanilla plant takes 3-5 years to flower, no need to try to start a plant from seed. You can do an online search for “vanilla bean plants” or “vanilla orchids”. Or visit a local orchid producer, if there is one in your area.

2 – Transplant the vanilla pod from the plant:
We hope you were able to buy a bean plant that is healthy 3-5 age vanilla. Depending on their size, you will want to transplant it to a more permanent pot. Choose a pot that is slightly larger than the pot where the plant came from. You can also use a pot that is up to twice its original size. However, try not to use a much larger boat vanilla plant.
Fill your pot halfway with a mixture of soil made for orchids. You can also, you can use a mixture of half-shell mixture half of the commonly used soil.
Slowly release the vanilla plant from its original pot, lightly pressing the bottom of the pan (If plastic). Be careful not to pull the plant by the stem. If the plant comes easily, just put it in the new pot and fill it up with soil. If the plant is the root of wheels, which means that there are a lot of roots grouped in a ball, you will want to pull gently on the bottom of the root ball with your fingers. This will help free the roots in the soil of the new pot.

3 – Support your vanilla pod plant:
A row of shots of vanilla beans backed by stake.
Vanilla bean plants will grow, which is why these plants need support. Gently push your bet into the pot holder, near the base of the vine. Be careful not to cut the vine or get too close to the main roots. If the vine is large, You can use multiple stakes or a trellis frame made for climbing plants.

4 – Water your vanilla pod plant:
You want to keep the top layer of the pot moist, however, you don’t want the entire pot to be soaked. You will also need to moisten the whole plant every day or every two days a little.

5 – Creation of the perfect reproduction environment:
A greenhouse with plants inside.
You can grow a bean plant vanilla at home. However, it will not thrive in low light. If your plant does not flower, will not develop vanilla pods.
Vanilla bean plants are best born in environments with regular warm temperatures and indirect sunlight and high humidity. Although a veranda is the perfect place to grow a bean plant vanilla, you can also create this kind of atmosphere at home.
Find a sunny room / window that stays warm. Make sure you get the light from the window, and the filtered sunlight. If you don’t have this kind of window, buy lamps and set your plant growth and lights in a room that is warm year-round.

6 – Fertilize your vanilla pod plant:
You will want to fertilize your vanilla pod plants every two weeks during spring and summer. The best type of plant vanilla fertilizer is the bean fertilizer for orchids.

7 – Pollinate the vanilla pod plant:
A close up of a flowering vine vanilla pod.
Vanilla bean plants need to be pollinated to produce vanilla pods. You can send flowers pollinating vanilla plants, however, it can be extremely difficult and can take several attempts.
A plant to pollinate the vanilla pod need to remove a little pollen (with a toothpick) anthers from a flower and put it on the stigma. This process is best completed by mid-morning. The stigma of a vanilla plant is covered by a shield. You will need to carefully peel the shield, place it along the pollen column, then push the shield into place.
If the process works, you will see how the vanilla pods start to form within a week. After 8-9 months can harvest their vanilla pod. If you have difficulty, do an internet search on “pollination of vanilla bean plants” and you can find more detailed information and examples.

8 – Harvested vanilla pods:
A close up of the vanilla pods.
You can harvest their vanilla pod as soon as the tips start to turn yellow. This will happen about 8 from 9 months after pollination.
You will have to sweat, then sun dried / cure the bean vanilla pods for about a month until they are dark brown and leathery. Sweating involves wrapping the vanilla pods in a blanket for 36-48 hours. The beans will start to develop a light brown color. After the sweating process, dried vanilla pods for a month. When vanilla pods dark brown and become leathery, you will have them ready to store and use.

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