Grow your own tangerines at home

This autumnal fruit can offer you many health benefits. It strengthens the immune system, contains anti-inflammatory properties, etc.

Fortunately, now you can grow your own tangerines at home, whether in the garden or in flowerpots! In this article, we will show you how you can grow this wonderful fruit and you will realize that it is very easy and economical.

In Mediterranean climate you can cultivate it and leave it outside in winter.

Outside, know that it is resistant to negative temperatures up to -8 °.
The ideal is to use a wintering veil that will better understand these negative temperatures and frosts.

If you grow it in pots, it is best to place it in an unheated greenhouse or porch to protect it from frost while providing it with the freshness it needs during the winter.

– Choose a medium sized flowerpot with holes in the bottom to ensure good drainage.
– Put small gravel in the bottom to get better drainage. You can also mix some sand in the ground for significant drainage.

– Sow the seeds and cover well, without pressing firmly.

– Place the pot in a place where it can get sunlight.

There are 2 ways to grow a citrus fruit:

1 – Between 2 pieces of damp cotton:
– Choose pips in good condition, then arrange them between 2 pieces of damp cotton. protected from light.

– Then by arming yourself with patience (it can take a month or more), wait until they start to sprout.

– Make sure the cottons are wet.

When the sprouts grow and will be very vigorous, plant them in a pot filled with soil, watering them so that the soil is always wet and never soggy.

2 – In a glass of water:
– Soak the pips 24 hours in a glass of water and push them into the soil of a pot, about 1.5 cm deep.

– Arrange this pot in front of a sunny window and make sure the soil is always moist.

– The technique will be the same to grow an apple seed or other pome fruits

Appropriate care:
– You must water the plant when the soil is dry to a depth of one inch.

– Cut the branches broken or wilted.

– Put a little fertilizer rich in magnesium, iron and zinc from time to time.

– The fruits must be picked carefully without damaging them.

So, why do you want to waste money on the purchase of processed tangerines when you can grow your own at home? Rejoice and enjoy this delicious fruit.

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