Grow a rose in pot or vat for balcony and terrace

The roses live very well in bins. Because of their long flowering and their ease of cultivation, they will decorate your garden, your balcony or your terrace for a long time. All varieties may be suitable. However, we recommend choosing rather compact varieties with naturally bushy growth. The stem and weeping roses are less adapted, because of their taking in the wind and their more voluminous development. Climbing roses can also be grown in bins: take care to choose a variety of medium vigor, which will be better adapted to this mode of cultivation.

For optimal development of your rosebushes in vats, choose a container of 50 cm minimum depth and side. Indeed, roses are grafted and have a strong rooting. These dimensions are given as an indication and must be adapted to the future development of the rosebush: 60 to 80 cm will be needed in the case of rosebushes and climbing roses. Only cut roses can be grown in shallower containers (30 cm minimum).

The material of the containers counts little, the essential thing being that they are provided with holes of drainage. If the plastic has the advantage of being light and better to retain moisture, it sometimes lacks stability, is insulative and can, in case of insufficient drainage, be the cause of root rot. Terracotta, traditional, allows the substrate to breathe and has good stability; it may have the disadvantage of breaking under the effect of intense frost. The wooden boxes are also very stable, robust, very insulating, but must be maintained more regularly (to preserve them from rot).

The substrate used is an essential choice: the volume of soil being limited, it must be of excellent quality to allow your roses to develop properly. Ban the cheap peat-based substrates, and favor a mixture of equal parts of vegetable (garden) free soil and good quality potting soil. Provide a good drainage at the bottom of the bins, about 5/7 cm, made from expanded clay balls or debris from terracotta pots.

The rosebushes are resistant but will not give the best of themselves unless you treat them regularly. They are indeed much more dependent on the care lavished than plants installed in the ground.
Water very regularly as soon as the substrate dries on the first 5/7 centimeters so as not to cause disturbances in growth. Be sure to feed them frequently with regular fertilizer application (at the indicated dosage). Renew a portion of the substrate each spring, replacing it with the same mixture recommended above, enriched with composted manure.
It will certainly be necessary, after a few years, to completely change the substrate with new mix. Repose during the rest period of the rose bush (between November and March).

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