Garlic bandage to remove warts

Women are most susceptible to warts, especially when they attack the face, nose or the contours of the mouth.
One of his wives recounts his ordeal with warts that appeared on his nose and how a friend’s advice saved his life in just a few days.

Garlic is a condiment that contains sulfur atoms, that said, it owes all its anti-wart power to its major active agent, Allicin, which is responsible for its strong strong odor. Thanks to Allicin, garlic has healing properties that help reduce bad cholesterol, prevent cardiovascular disease, relieve infections and prevent cancer.

The use of raw garlic as a bandage on the skin, according to a study by the University of Arizona in the United States, is likely to reduce the risk of stomach cancer by 50% and 30% colorectal cancer.

In what follows, you will be able to discover the aesthetic and cosmetic benefits of a garlic bandage capable of eliminating warts:

All you need to do is grind a clove of garlic until the mixture forms a more or less thick paste. Then put this paste on the place where the wart is installed and put a bandage on it for the effect to be effective.

This dressing should be changed and renewed twice a day continuously so that the garlic can repair your skin.

As long as garlic is a very powerful antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral, no wart, or for that matter, any other skin infection, can resist it.

Follow these instructions to the letter and remove all traces of warts on your skin in a very short time.

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