Freezing a lemon makes it anti-cancer

A lemon must be eaten whole, that is, it must be ground in a blender, with its zest, in order to extract a complete juice.
Putting lemons in a freezer is a medical method that allows these citrus fruits to increase their healing powers. This is how the benefits of lemon multiply in a phenomenal way.
Besides its abundance of vitamin C, a frozen lemon will contain 10 times more minerals such as zinc, potassium, magnesium, calcium, with a tripled rate of vitamin E, A and B6.
The flavonoids and limonoids present in frozen lemon are a formidable defense source against cancerous tumors of all kinds. In addition, citric acid is an element of skin cleansing that women know very well.

Serious British scientific research confirms the existence of nearly 22 anti-cancer agents in a lemon, of which we can cite:
Citrus Pectin
Flavonol glycosides
Vitamin C
It is better to use lemon after having frozen it because it is a procedure which increases its medical properties, in particular anticancer with a strengthening of the immune defenses.
You should wash, clean, dry, and put it in a freezer inside a clear bag until it is completely frozen. After that, you can extract a well-concentrated juice without removing the skin, which contains 90% of its vitamins and minerals.
It is also possible to freeze a lemon and grate it like a cheese, if you intend to use it as a decoration for your dish.

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