Foot baths to eliminate the stench

Suffering from foot pain is an expression that can make sense in people whose feet have an unbearable odor.
Naturally, the process of perspiration is the cause behind the foot stench problem, but we must not forget that some people are more sensitive to it than others. In fact, everything depends on several factors:
Excessive sweating
a lot of stress and great anxiety.
The mushrooms.
uncomfortable shoes or poor quality.
Hormonal imbalance
In addition to following a good diet, here are 3 tips of genius to completely eradicate the bad smell of the feet:

1- Epsom salt:
For 2 days, take 2 teaspoons of Epsom salt and mix them with 10 small glasses of warm water. You must immerse your feet in this mixture for 30 minutes. Thanks to the magnesium sulphates in this salt, the unpleasant odors will disappear as if by magic.

2- Bicarbonates of soda:
The mission of bicarbonates is to soften and disinfect your feet. You must prepare hot water to which you will add a quarter of a small glass of bicarbonate of soda. Immerse your feet in this solution for a quarter of an hour.

3- Cider vinegar disinfection:
Apple cider vinegar, in addition to being a disinfectant, balances sweat on the feet.
Prepare, therefore, a mixture of half a glass of cider vinegar with a liter of water. then take a foot bath for 20 minutes to eliminate the stench.

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