Delicious slimming soup

To lose weight, you are not forced to adopt draconian measures, as you deprive food. That does not help you, if you are lucky you will lose a few pounds, but once you start feeding again, the kilos will come back to you.

In the worst case, you can even get sick by depriving yourself Foods, since you will also deprive your organization essential elements for its proper functioning. For this reason, we advise you to adopt this diet based on soup.

This soup is made from ingredients rich in vitamins and nutrients, which will provide your organization with all the essential elements to ensure its proper functioning, in addition, will help activate metabolism and facilitate the combustion of bodily fats. Try it you will have very satisfactory results.

Here’s how you need to prepare the slimming soup to burn body fat more easily:

the ingredients:

– 6 onions

– 6 tomatoes

– 1/2 white cabbage

– 3 branches of celery

– 2 green peppers

– a pinch of salt and pepper


This soup is easy to prepare, you must start by cutting the tomatoes into cubes and onions in julienne. Then cut the pieces of celery into slices and the splave peppers. Then, also chop the cabbage into small pieces.

Once all these tasks accomplished, take a saucepan, add all the ingredients and fill it up to 3/4 of its capacity. Then, cook on the fire. Do not forget to add salt and pepper according to your convenience. Once cooked to point, consume the soup ensuring that it has not cooled completely.

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