Costume jewelry and nickel allergy

you can be in contact for several years with objects that contain nickel without causing you a problem, but the situation can suddenly change and you will show intolerance to this metal in the areas that have been exposed to it for a long time. This allergy develops gradually.

 This allergy is characterized by unbearable itching, the onset of eczema, crusts and flaking. It can span several areas.
Also, if you notice a development of allergic reactions around your mouth or throat, be aware that your allergy to nickel is foodborne. It is therefore imperative to perform allergic skin tests to confirm this. In the proportion where the nickel allergy is irremediable and incurable, it is absolutely necessary to avoid contact with the allergen.

Some details on nickel allergies:
Allergies to nickel come from the fact that this metal is capable of dissolving in the presence of moisture with the formation of salts. Bathing, washing hands or excessive sweating causes dissolution of the nickel, which costume jewelry contains. The irritation of the skin comes precisely from its contact with the salts formed. Nickel is a very strong irritant, wearing jewelry constantly containing Nickel can weaken the body’s natural resistance in people who are allergic to Nickel.

To protect yourself from nickel, put a layer of colorless varnish on the jewel. There are also dermatological varnishes to apply directly to the skin in order to put on your bracelet or ring all evening. If you buy watches with a silicone strap, keep the clear plastic on the back of the watch to avoid contact eczema. For other jewelry, cover the metal parts with paper stickers or self-adhesive foam pads.
In addition, people suffering from this allergy should avoid soy, cocoa powder, buckwheat, fig, cashew and shellfish. So be careful and preserve your health.

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