Coconut oil for many beauty treatments

Obtained from the coconut pulp press process, coconut oil is a healthy vegetable fat, made up of 90% saturated acids, in addition to the antioxidants, vitamins and essential nutrients that give it wonderful benefits.

Coconut oil is naturally antibacterial, it also has antioxidant properties with its vitamin E content. In addition, it also contains a good amount of hydrating fatty acids. Thus, it can be useful to you in several ways for your body beauty treatments.
Despite its high caloric content, it is part of the group of “healthy fats” whose consumption has positive effects on the body. But, the most amazing thing about this oil is that it has antibacterial, fungicidal and anti-inflammatory properties which can be a real solution for many beauty problems.

1- A moisturizer for the face and the body:
As explained above, coconut oil has incredible antioxidant properties, making it a good alternative for moisturizers. The regular application of coconut oil on the skin limits excess dryness, reduces the presence of dead cells and eliminates bacteria.
2- A supplement to lose weight:
One of the points raised by critics of coconut oil is its high calorie content. But despite this high content, coconut oil is good for weight loss. It is a concentration of saturated fats, which are excellent for weight loss. The ingestion of coconut oil increases the rate of metabolism and optimizes energy expenditure.
3- A natural toothpaste:
The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of coconut oil are good for the treatment of the main oral problems. Its use as natural toothpaste reduces the presence of bacteria and germs that cause dental infections and gums.

4- A natural conditioner:
Coconut oil can also be applied to hair as a substitute for commercial shampoos. Thanks to its antimicrobial and antifungal properties, coconut oil fights dandruff and other scalp disorders that lead to excessive hair loss.
5- A treatment for cuts and burns:
The moisturizing and repairing properties of this natural ingredient make it an excellent solution against lesions that affect skin tissue. Its vitamins and minerals nourish the skin deeply and facilitate the healing of sunburn and superficial wounds.
6- A natural deodorant:
Coconut oil is a real concentrate of fatty acids, known to act against bad odors. By applying a small amount of coconut oil under your armpits, skin or neck, it helps eliminate the bacteria responsible for these bad smells.
7- A lip balm:
Instead of spending large sums of money on commercial lip balms, it’s best to use coconut oil.
It deeply hydrates the delicate skin of the lips and also facilitates the elimination of dead cells which make it look bad.

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