Clothes: 6 Tips To Look Thinner

Diets and sports activity are essential for weight loss. But those who do not have the time (or the inclination) to tire themselves, can within certain limits opt for another solution. The choice of clothes can, in fact, help to hide the extra pounds to appear fitter than ever.

To reshape shapes with the right clothes, the ideal starting point is undoubtedly intimate lingerie. An element that must be taken into account and which is too often underestimated.

This is because bras and panties can make you look slimmer without too much effort.

You just need to know how to choose the most appropriate sizes and the right models.

To hide the bulges, in order to better focus on the intimate shaping effect, many variations are available in stores.

But, there are many other ways to slim down with clothes.

Let’s find out the 6 best clothing tips to make yourself look slimmer.

1) fabrics
The choice of fabric is as important as the style and shape of the garment. To appear thinner, the most suitable fabrics are those that appear smoother to the touch.

Therefore, before purchasing a garment, it is better to touch the product and favor fabrics such as silk and linen, which help create a slimming effect.

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2) Colors
Colors are just as fundamental. For those who want to hide extra pounds and slightly abundant shapes, it is always better to avoid white colors and light shades.

They tend to bring out the shapes.

It is generally better to wear darker colors.

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3) The neckline
Like all of the other elements listed so far, even the décolleté does its part in reshaping a woman’s body, by streamlining the shapes.

If you have a big bust or extra pounds, it is better to wear necklines with a V-neckline or a pronounced V-neckline on the back.

4) The sleeves
To hide your overly large arms or sagging skin, it is advisable to always avoid tight-fitting t-shirts and all clothing that excessively marks the shapes.

The advice is to go for so-called bat-sleeved t-shirts, which help to hide upper limb blemishes better.

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5) pants
Even then, it is best to avoid models that are too tight. This is because skinny pants are more uncomfortable to wear and difficult to remove, especially when there are a few extra pounds.

In addition, these models are harmful to health, as they cause water retention and inflammation.

Pants with elephant legs are perfect. They slender the figure by shifting the attention to the lower part of the leg.

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6) shoes
Last, but not for their importance, shoes, which are able to propel the body or, on the contrary, accentuate the flaws.

To look slimmer, heels and soles are the right choice, although not always the most comfortable.

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