Causes and natural treatments for bleeding

Bleeding, or hemorrhage, can be venous, arterial or capillary. Some people with anticoagulants and those with hemophilia are more vulnerable to bleeding.

The causes of the bleeding are various. Generally, bleeding occurs after an injury, abrasion or incision that does not exceed the surface of the skin.
Bleeding can also be caused by certain health problems such as leukemia, liver disease, traumatic brain injury, acute bronchitis, menstruation, menorrhagia, among others.
On the other hand, some medications can cause bleeding, such as antibiotics, aspirin, thrombolytics and anti-clutter drugs.

In addition to blood flow, bleeding may include epistaxis (bleeding from the nose), bruising, petechiae, blood in the stool, blood in the sputum and many other symptoms.
A significant loss of blood can cause shock, a condition in which the body does not have enough blood. This situation is threatening because it alters blood, oxygen, and nutrient infusion into different organs and can even disrupt normal body function.
According to the New York Times, symptoms of shock include low blood pressure, shortness of breath, increased heart rate, pale, cold skin, weakness, dizziness, and impaired alertness.

How to treat bleeding?

If you have mild bleeding, you can use these remedies:
1- The pressure:
Bleeding can be stopped with pressure. According to the New York Times, the pressure must be applied directly to the wound with a clean cloth or bandage. You can use your hand if nothing is accessible.
Direct pressure is the best method to stop external bleeding, except when it is an eye injury. When the bleeding stops, cover the problem area with tape or a clean cloth.
2- Ice cream:
Cold therapy is effective in stopping bleeding, this involves narrowing of the blood vessels, which reduces blood flow to the wound. The ice also relieves pain and swelling, in addition to stopping bleeding.
It is necessary to wrap the ice in a towel before applying it on the area concerned.

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