Best natural moisturizer in the world

The cream that we share with you is based on a recipe designed by a Greek doctor and aged over 2000 years. Once made, you will find a lotion that is pleasant to the touch, fluffy and abundant, which will leave your skin surprisingly soft and smooth after each use.

The ingredients that make up this cream are all affordable and accessible products for everyone. There is virgin olive oil known for its many properties on the skin, apricot oil substitutable with walnut oil.

The cream also contains natural rose water which pleasantly scents the lotion, all the other ingredients are present in organic food stores and drugstores. Always insist on natural products.

You will find the complete list of ingredients, with the preparation method to apply, in the second part of our article.

Ingredients :
1 tsp organic honey
8 teaspoons grated beeswax
100 ml apricot oil
100 ml virgin olive oil
About 150 ml of rose water (depending on your wishes if you do not like the fragrance substitute with filtered water)
2 makeup pots

Mix the oils in a saucepan, and melt the wax and honey over low heat.
Let the mixture cool.
Sprinkle the rose water in a small container.
Gently add the rose water drop by drop, while incorporating the ingredients using a spoon between each addition.
Once the cream will no longer support rose water, stop adding it
Stir for a few minutes while waiting for the cream to cool.
Finally, pour the lotion into a clean jar and wait a bit before closing it.

Take advantage of this superb moisturizer that will guarantee you invaluable care for your skin.

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